Little Nightmares 3 Release Date & Theories: Mono and Six Will Return

Little Nightmares 3 is likely to happen as acc. to a statement by Bandai Namco, they could move forward with a sequel/prequel without Tarsier Studios.

Some players are already waiting for the third part of the series to glance at the immediate stardom immediately after the launch of Little Nightmares 2. If you ask yourself whether there will be a little nightmare 3, don’t worry, here’s all you need to know about it.

Little Nightmare 3 May Be Another Prequel

As we have seen, Little Nightmares 2 was a prequel to the events of Little Nightmares. giving the figure of Six a deeper background and showing how she realized the insatiable hunger she was exposed to in the original game.

Her iconic yellow coat is found in Little Nightmares 2 as well, further assuring it takes place earlier in the timeline.

Six is not an ordinary child, she is completely self-centric and always prioritizes her life over others. unlike Mono, who risks his life several times to save her.

We all know Six survive in extreme circumstances, but how did she learn this action? How did her journey start? How did she become a Nest prisoner? Did six have parents or siblings ever? Why did Six betray Mono? Is Mono the Thin Man?

All these questions must be answered, Little Nightmares 3 could decide to deepen Six’s origins and answer these questions.

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Or they can go with Mono’s back story, which will be an interesting topic. for a prequel game, Six’s companion is strong, but we know nothing about him, where he came from, or how he initially gained his powers.

Six’s Fate could be decided in Little Nightmares 3

Little Nightmares 3 could also be a true sequel to the original Little Nightmares.

This shows what happens to Six after she kills The Lady and absorbs the life forces of the Maw’s many guests. At the end of the game. Six took on a sinister and powerful personality. It seems impossible to imagine a joyful end for her, but her ultimate fate remains unknown.

Little Nightmares 3 Release Date?

It is heartbreaking news that series creator Tarsier Studios is leaving it behind. But Bandai Namco, in a statement to IGN, suggested that the series could continue without Tarsier’s involvement.

So there is no confirmed release date for Little Nightmare 3 at the time.

Little Nightmares 3 Release Date & Theories: Mono and Six Will Return

Before Little Nightmares’ Sequel/Prequel Releases Read More About the Main Characters of the Game


Six is a shrewd and solid young lady of around nine, whose fundamental theme is a yellow overcoat.

All through the whole universe of the establishment, Six is attempting to get by in a world loaded up with horrible beasts, trying to obliterate her using any and all means.

Like the wide range of various characters in the Little Nightmares series, Six doesn’t talk; nonetheless, her character can be induced through her activities.

Six every now and again shows the attributes of a screw-up; she doesn’t appear to think often about saving different kids caught on board the Maw and will take the necessary steps to get by and get away from the hotel without anyone else, with the next to zero assistance from any other individual.

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She has a voracious craving and will eat basically anything to fulfill it, with her eating regimen bit by bit becoming hazier and more frantic throughout the game. On one event, an agreeable Nome offered Six who was starving a wiener to eat.

All things considered, she decided to devour the Nome, showing an unmistakable aloofness to killing, basically while defeated by her appetite.


Mono is a sort and supportive kid who showed sympathy to other people.

All of this changed when he went with a young lady named Six on an excursion to the Signal Tower.

He shows up as an independent person in Little Nightmares Comics, and the fundamental hero of Little Nightmares II.

Notwithstanding Mono scarcely talking, his character is displayed in his activities, and it was expressed in a meeting that Mono is normally defensive.

Mono seems, by all accounts, to be a respectable, sure, benevolent kid who will make a special effort to help other people, as displayed when he battles to liberate Six from her clear detainment in Hunter’s home and offers his hand to her.

He remains close by, offering his assistance again when she requests it in spite of her underlying dismissal of his help. He has a level of sympathy, being obviously upset by the rotting bodies in Hunter’s home.

As well as at first being stunned after seeing Six in her beast structure when he tracks down her in the Signal Tower. Mono is likewise outstandingly mindful of his environmental elements, and sufficiently ingenious to involve different articles in his environmental factors to assess the uprightness and wellbeing of the way ahead.

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The Thin Man

The Thin Man fills in as the fourth and primary bad guy of Little Nightmares II, essentially showing up on TVs across the Pale City from the Transmission.

He appeared during the end credits of Secrets of the Maw, and shows up in The Pale City section, of which he is likewise the primary adversary.

Like the numerous different characters in the Little Nightmares universe, the Thin Man doesn’t talk and his character appears through his activities.

Not at all like different bad guys of the establishment who are forceful and fierce, the Thin Man acts cool as a cucumber as he stubbornly seeks after Mono and Six, all while remaining apparently antagonistic in any case.

For obscure reasons, the Thin Man had hijacked somewhere around one kid in Little Nightmares Comics, which might mean he has a propensity for capturing youngsters assuming they at any point get excessively near a TV.

Notwithstanding, when Mono unintentionally liberates him, the Thin Man centers around chasing after Mono and Six explicitly. He shows high measures of commitment when zeroed in on an undertaking, as he ceaselessly follows Mono all through the Pale City even after the kid escapes his grip commonly.

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