Lili Reinhart Boyfriend 2022? Who is Lili Reinhart Dating in 2022?

Riverdale is back with a new season. But almost a year has passed since our super-adorable ‘Bughead’ couple went to splitsville in real life. Nonetheless, we have always loved Lili Reinhart for everything. She’s cute and very vocal about her views and vulnerabilities, connecting with fans as she should. But is she single right now or dating someone? Let’s see Lili Reinhart Boyfriend 2022 Shall We.

Lili Reinhart Boyfriend 2022 And Relationship Timeline

As we just mentioned, she dated the Jughead Jones of the gang, Cole Sprouse. They are an on-screen couple as well.

Reinhart and Sprouse had a pretty on-and-off relationship for three years. However, In August 2020, Cole Sprouse opened up about his breakup with Reinhart.

On his Instagram, He posted a photo of his now ex, with a caption that said that they separated in January 2020. The separation turned into a permanent breakup in March. He added that he felt lucky to be with her and wished her love and happiness in the future.

Just before his statement, Reinhart had told Refinery29 about how difficult it was to cope with the depression. Despite coming out as bisexual in June, she usually stays private about her relationships. But she did open about the pain she was facing, telling that it was a rough time to go through.

Lili Reinhart Boyfriend 2021? Who is Lili Reinhart Dating in 2021?

Her therapist mentioned it as a withdrawal phase where she had to cope without the happy chemicals that existed when she was with the person. She did not mention a breakup and hit back on Twitter for misinterpreting her words. But Sprouse’s post does clarify though.

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Cole Sprouse Seems to Move On

While every relationship has its ups and downs, and different levels of volatility; we have seen couples reunite and separate. Particularly celebrity couples. The same could be expected from Lili and Cole prior to their statements. Obviously, it left all of us heartbroken and sad, since they looked so good together.

In October 2020, Cole Sprouse was spotted with Canadian model Reiña Silva in Vancouver. The two were hanging out and hugged each other. Cole gave her a peck on the cheek. Although it is too soon to say, it could be that Cole has found a new girl.

Lili Reinhart Boyfriend 2021? Who is Lili Reinhart Dating in 2021?

Has Lili Found a New Man Too?

In December, the Chemical Hearts actress was spotted at the Vancouver airport. She wore a black jacket with a black top underneath and blue denim. Her dog, Milo was on her side in a carrier bag. Along with Lili and Milo, a man was also accompanying her.

The mystery man had a more casual look and was wearing a black blazer with black gym pants. Since both of them wore masks, it was not possible to identify who this guy is.

But like in Cole’s case, where the rumors are possible, this could be just a tag-along by a friend. So for now, she seems to be single. Meanwhile, let’s watch Riverdale and see more of Bughead.

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