Oscar 2022: Winner of Best Actor Award Slapped Comedian on Stage

Oscar 2022: The 94th Oscar Awards presentation ceremony was held in Los Angeles, USA on March 27. Leading actor Will Smith also won the Best Actor award for the film King Richard. However, one of the videos of the actor hitting the show host, another actor on stage in the show itself, went viral on social media.

Oscar 2022: Whom and Why Smith Slapped on Stage at Oscar Awards Ceremony 2022

Leading comedian and show host Chris Rock came on stage to announce the Best Documentary Feature Award. Before announcing the winner, however, the comedian looked at Will Smith and joked, comparing his wife, Jada Pinkett Smith, to a character from a Hollywood movie.

A character in the movie ‘G.I.Gen’ appeared completely shaved without any hair, similar to Pinkett Smith. However, the reason for not having hair is, that she has a disease called ‘alopecia’. Those who have suffer with that disease will lose their hair. He not only compared Pinkett to the character but also joked that he wanted to see her in the movie sequel. This angered Will Smith. With that he went up the sledge and hit Chris hard on the cheek.

Smith roaring like a Lion on stage and says, “It would not be good if my wife’s name came out of your mouth”. He also scolded the comedian badly in front of everyone. Felling ashamed Chris stared in dilemma, not knowing what to do with it.People’s posts on social media and it’s footage made a great discussion right now about this video has gone viral. Commenting on whether this was done genuinely or as a part of script.

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Oscar 2022: Smith Apology to Academy

As said before Smith won best actor award at Oscar for his work in King Richard. After receiving the award in his speech he apologized the academy and other co stars, for creating disturbance in ceremony. SSmith also extended his apology to the comedian in his speech.

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