That’s So Raven Kyle Massey Charged With Felony for Immoral Communication With Teenage Girl

Raven Kyle Massey: Corey in the House entertainer Kyle Massey was reprimanded with a felony after he allegedly transmitted statements of a “sexual nature” to a 13-year-old girl in Washington commonwealth.

Massey allegedly “believed” she was insignificant when he electronically disseminated with her “for difficult objectives of a sexual disposition,” per the court filing. According to a June 14 court movement achieved by E! News, Massey was solicited and is prohibited from having communication with minor youngsters “except in the existence of an accountable adult.” Raven Kyle Massey He also cannot use the internet without a computer monitoring strategy to search his “sexually positive communication” with juveniles.

Raven Kyle Massey: Statement of minor Mother

The mother told permission that Massey has understood her daughter since she was 4 years old and that he understood her generation. According to the mammy, Massey begged that she bring her daughter to Los Angeles, where the 13-year-old could keep up with him and his girlfriend.

She warned the detective that she prosecuted Massey in the civil judiciary in California but ultimately understood he “didn’t have enough money to make the prosecution credit it,” per the certificate. She then named the Sheriff’s office in Washington, where the family inhabited during the alleged occurrence, to move forward with criminal allegations.

Detective Arvidson talked to the mother’s attorney in March 2020 and understood that she had lowered the civil lawsuit in California “due to the lack of fortune that Massey had.” In 2019, a Jane Doe and mom Anne Doe prosecuted Massey for $1.5 million in California, accusing him of “effort to commit an obscene act with a minor.” Raven Kyle Massey In that litigation, the mother and daughter declared that the girl was 4 years old when she confronted Massey at Universal City. Massey allegedly came to be a “father figure” to Jane as she needed to pursue a career in recreation. When she was 13, he allegedly mailed “numerous” explicit tapes and statements, including “a Snapchat image of Massey clenching his penis,” per the 2019 lawsuit.

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