Joel Osteen Divorce Updates: Is The Couple Still Together? Rumors Explained

If you are here to know the facts about Joel Osteen and Victoria Osteen Divorce rumors that you were encountering years ago. Then you read this article till the end to know facts about Joel Osteen divorce rumor.

We often hear rumors about people who are very popular. Rumors could be anything about their married life or professional life or their family. Joel Osteen Divorce also falls into that category.

Who is Joel Osteen?

Joel Osteen is a well-known Pastor and televangelist in Texas. His father is also a preacher. Joel had never practiced or studied theology traditionally.

He gave his first sermon in 1999. Now across the world, he has thousands of live attendees and millions of people stay tuned to TV to listen to his preaching. He had taken ownership over Lakewood Church in 2005.

His net worth is around $50 million. He said that his earnings are not from the church but due to the sales of his side best selling books since release. ” Your best life now” is one of his best-selling books in Newyork.

Who is Victoria Osteen?

Victoria Osteen was born in 1961 in Alabama. Then after she along with her family moved to Houston and settled there. Her parents made her attend church and learn about God from her childhood onwards. Victoria’s parents also used work as Sunday school teachers.

In 1987 Joel and Victoria got married after they first met in a jewelry shop where Victoria worked. Now Joel and Victoria have two children, Jonathan and Alexandra.

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Joel Osteen Divorce Explained

The fact is Joel and Victoria have not taken divorce. Joel responded to all the questions surrounding him and said that rumors are just rumors.

There is no fact in the rumors and also posted on the Lakewood church website that the rumor is spreading about our healthy married life are totally false. Also mentioned God has made us together as wife and husband in that statement.

We hope you found solutions to all your questions in this article.

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