Love of Kill Volume 7 Release Date and Read Manga Online

Hey guys, In this article we let you know all the details regarding Love of Kill Volume 7 Release date including the plot, an official platform to read manga online, and major characters of Love of kill manga.

Love of kill is the best ongoing Japanese manga series that is filled with suspense, Romance, and mystery too. Love of kill volume 6 was released on 22nd February 2022.

Love of kill Volume 7: Release date?

Love of kill volume 7 is going to be released on April 26, 2022. Love of kill manga lovers can start your count down for the upcoming volume.

Love of Kill Volume 7: Synopsis

Love of kill is a Mysterious and Romantic Japanese manga. It was written and illustrated by Fe. Love of kill manga published by Media factory in Monthly Comic gene Magazine.

Chateau Dankworth is the new Bounty hunter, and she is defeated by Ryang-ha professional Hitman. He grew interested for her and started flirting with Chateau, but she ignores him. He even helps her in Bounty Missions to impress her. However, she is not interested to have a relationship with Ryang-ha, accepts to date him in exchange of brokering information.

Despite of her reluctance, Ryang-ha continues to save her when she was attacked and wanted to know her past.

Later both of them were targeted by Donald Bachman, they were forced to confront their past. Chateau is the legal heir of Nobel family, she was targeted by her brother’s stepbrother. The rest of the story tells how real Ryang-ha saved Chateau and a nameless child trafficking victim.

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Where to Read Manga Online?

Love of kill manga is officially published in Monthly Comic Gene. After the release date, you can also read it on many manga websites and on social media.

Love of kill: Main Characters

The following characters appear in the Love of kill manga series.

  • Chateau Dankworth
  • Song Ryang-ha
  • Euripedes Ritzland
  • Hou
  • Donny
  • Jinon
  • Nikka
  • Mifa

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