Russia-Ukraine Conflict | Indian Students in Ukraine Recount Ordeal on Poland Border

Russia-Ukraine Conflict Several Indian students fleeing Ukraine have alleged that they were harassed, beaten by the Ukrainian guards at the Poland border, and were not allowed to cross over.

Russia-Ukraine Conflict: Effect 

The students said that Indians were not being allowed to cross over to Poland by the authorities whereas Ukrainians were allowed. Some Indian students also alleged that Ukrainian officials and military have now changed their attitude towards Indians as they believe that India lends its support to Russia in the conflict.

Hundreds of Indian students in Ukraine have been stranded for more than 48 hours at the Poland border in the bitter cold, with “no reaction from the Indian embassy” to their calls and messages.

The students, who have been marching to the Shehyni-Medyka border on foot since Friday in the hopes of being evacuated from Ukraine amid the ongoing Russian invasion, describe the current situation as “horrendous and insane,” and claim that Indians are not being allowed to cross into Poland while Ukrainians are.

Russia-Ukraine Conflict, India has evacuated hundreds of students. Students who crossed the border into Romania and Hungary were evacuated by the Indian government on special evacuation flights.

Suffering in Ukraine

Indians and Nigerians are not allowed to cross the border, according to one of the pupils, Praveen Kumar. “The Ukrainian authorities permit their own citizens but not us,” he explained. “To get to the border, we had to walk for almost 15 kilometers,” Mr. Kumar continued.

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Shubham Kumar, another student, said there is a lot of ambiguity and confusion around the evacuation procedure. “There are still a few more Indians stranded in Ukraine, and crossing the border is the primary issue,” he said.

Indian students have been sleeping in parks at border checkpoints in temperatures below – 4 degrees, hoping to get away from the destroying war.

Russia-Ukraine Conflict: Operation Ganga

The first flight took off at 2:55 a.m. Indian Standard Time (IST) on February 27, 2022, and arrived in Delhi at 2:55 a.m. By the 27th of February 2022 (Day 3), 469 pupils had been evacuated, with an estimated 15,000 Indians still in the plans. According to government figures, there are approximately 18,000 Indian students in Ukraine.

Operation Ganga

Following warnings sent before the violence began, roughly 4000 Indian nationals left Ukraine before the targeted areas’ airspace was closed on the morning of February 24. On February 15, the Indian government issued its initial advisory, which was followed by tougher advisories. At airports, evacuations were organized using COVID-19 protocols. The Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, Bogomolets National Medical University, and Kyiv Medical University were hotspots for Indian students in Ukraine.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has dispatched four Union Ministers to Ukraine’s neighboring counties to help coordinate and expedite the evacuation of Indian nationals. Jyotiraditya Scindia of Romania and Moldova, Kiren Rijiju of Slovakia, Hardeep Singh Puri of Hungary, and General V. K. Singh of Poland were in charge of coordination.

It was one of the finest operations conducted by India to help their citizens to come out of Danger.

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