Rosen Blood Volume 3: Release Date and Read Manga Online

The long-awaited Rosen Blood Vol 3 will be launched in a few months. While we anticipate the third one, along with the second that’ll be released in a few days, here’s all you need to know!

Rosen Blood (Haitoku no Meikan) is a Japanese manga series, serialized in October 2017. The storyline and art are by the author Kachiru Ishizue. The books are published by Akita Publishing in Japanese while for English, it is licensed by Viz Media. The first volume of Rosen Blood was released on 07 December 2021. The second volume will be released on 01 March 2022.

Rosen Blood: Highlights

After being rescued from an unfortunate carriage accident, Stella finds herself in a Gothic mansion full of handsome young men. However, she is unaware that these luscious and terrifically beautiful men are blood-sucking monsters.

Levi-Ruin and the other men let her serve as a maid, though, it’s not long before she discovers a dangerous secret. But Stella needs to make up her mind. She has to choose between bloodlust and danger, and separate reality from passion

Rosen Blood Volume 3: Release Date

Rosen Blood Vol 3 is set to be released soon. The vampire fantasy romance series is going to be available for all readers on 14 June, 2022, officially. Fans have a lot of time to read the second and wait for the third, in the meantime.

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rosen blood vol 3 release date

Rosen Blood Volume 3: Spoilers

In the third volume, different instances take place. Firstly, Gilbert comes back and warns Stella about Yeol. He is sweet and friendly, but Stella gives it a second thought as Gilbert was the one who attacked her. Throwing off Fredrich’s advances, she takes a step forward with Levi, and deepens their relationship. One by one, secrets are revealed, and Stella must not succumb to the beautiful men’s dark impulses and dangerous urges.

As the second volume has not been published yet, there are still chances of getting possible spoilers in the future. Hopefully, a few days before the ruckus excitement for volume 3 grows more, as volume 2 would be more than available to read.

Rosen Blood Volume 3: Read The Manga Online?

All of the volumes of Rosen Blood can be bought from Amazon. You can read the manga series from Viz official site or from Amazon Kindle. You can preorder Rosen Blood Vol 3 from both sites.

Rosen Blood Vol 1 ch 4 page 9
Stills from Rosen Blood Vol 1

Rosen Blood: Major Characters

  • Levi
  • Friederich
  • Yoel
  • Gilbert
  • Stella

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