Valdimir Putin: Will Stop With Ukraine Or Invade NATO Countries?

Will Russia stop with Ukraine or  Will invade NATO countries or will NATO’s defense alliance expand in Europe after the Cold War? Vladimir Putin has been worrying the world for months.

Know in Detail

Vladimir Putin Surprised many by recognizing the two parts of eastern Ukraine as independent territories. What is he going to do after that? That worried. It was finally clarified that troops were being sent to attack eastern Ukraine.

Lilia Shevetsova, the author of the book “Putin’s Rush”, commented that Putin was very fond of arousing public interest.

“He is the one who set the fire. He is the one who cools it. With these actions, he creates an atmosphere of tension. If he uses his logic, he will not launch a full attack.

However, there are many ways ahead of him. Carry out cyber attacks. Ukraine could be hit financially. Or take complete control of the Donetsk or Luhansek. It is difficult to say how far Russia will take this.

Vladimir Putin’s Plans:

If you look at Putin’s remarks and speeches, you can understand what he thinks. From this, it can be seen that he was undoubtedly angry at the manner in which the Cold War ended.

The collapse of the Soviet Union with the end of the Cold War was well known. After that, Putin became increasingly angry that NATO was gradually expanding into Eastern Europe.

At present, Putin seems to be working hard to bring Ukraine back on track. For this, he is pouring all his energy.

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“He is more of a cleric than a president of Russia. He seems to believe in his old-fashioned methods for a place beyond his own in history. He is doing all the work on a regular basis. Areas were initially identified as separate areas. After that, the army is being sent there. And finally expands its borders with the local military operation. That’s what he did in 2014, “said Vladimir Pastukhov.

“If he has no control over how he plays the game, he will go as far as he can. Western leaders hope the situation will be brought under control with the new sanctions. But Putin is acting very harshly, “said Pastukhov.

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