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Welcome Back Manga Readers!!! Today we again bring to you an update on one of the famous manga trending in today’s week: Mao Volume

Who and What is Mao?

Mao is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Rumiko Takahashi. It has been serialized in Shogakukan’s Weekly Shōnen Sunday magazine since May 2019, with its chapters collected in eleven tankōbon volumes as of January 2022.


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Mao Volume: History

Mao was raised in a Kou Clan orphanage that also functioned as a training ground for youngsters who were evaluated for their ability to detect ghosts. During his training, he became close with an earth user named Daigo, who saw him as a younger brother and wished to be called into the temple.

Which he achieved by working hard, and was called into the temple a few years later thanks to Daigo who spoke of him to the master, where he met the master’s daughter Sana and her pet cat Haimaru, who didn’t like being touched by anyone other than his owner at first but surprisingly took to him. When he was asked to be the master’s attendant, he felt envious.

About the Book

Nanoka is recruited by aloof exorcist Mao when she is thrown back in time to a supernatural early twentieth century. What fateful link binds them together? They work together to find answers…and beat some demon butt!

In the Taisho era, Shiranui and his henchmen chase Mao, while in the present day, the cat demon Byoki stalks Nanoka. Meanwhile, in old Kyoto, a mystery woman is spreading odd rumors. Who exactly is she? Then, out of nowhere, a stranger emerges, armed with powerful spells and mechanical weapons, and sets his sights on a specific target.

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Mao Volume 1 Review 

The first volume of Mao is a fantastic start to a new Rumic World manga. Takahashi is back in form, combining the best elements of several of her popular series to create a story that is both familiar and fresh. Following Nanoka and Mao into the future will be entertaining. The first volume of Mao is now accessible everywhere books are sold.

Mao Volume 2 Review 

Nanako, an adolescent, travels back in time to early nineteenth-century Japan and encounters Mao, a teen exorcist. What is the fateful thread that binds them together? They work together to find answers…and beat some demon butt!

Nanako, Mao, and his assistant Otoya investigate Priestess Shoko’s strange cult in the hopes of bringing her to justice, but cursed dolls and eternal life scrolls may be more than they bargained for. Will the priestess’s end-of-the-world prediction come true? In the present, Nanako and Shiraha conduct historical studies and discover a terrible catastrophe that has yet to occur in Mao’s timeline. Then Mao’s curiosity gets him in trouble with a gang of bloodsuckers, and he needs Nanako’s help once more!

Mao Volume 3 Release Date

VIZ Media LLC (January 11, 2022)

Length: 192 pages

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