Russia Launched Its War In Ukraine: Latest Information

Putin declared a special military operation in Ukraine and in Kyiv has confirmed the start of hostilities in a devasting new chapter for Europe. Russia’s long looming invention of Ukraine has officially begun.

Russian President Vladimir Putin announced Thursday morning local time that he is launching a special military operation in Ukraine, a move that was followed by up reports of explosions around cities including Kharkiv in eastern Ukraine and the capital Kyiv.

The Ukrainian Foreign Minister also confirmed that Putin has just launched a full-scale invasion of Ukraine. Peaceful Ukrainian cities are under strike. by the afternoon in Ukraine Russian troops and tanks had entered the country on three fronts. Dozens of Ukrainian have already died in the conflict according to local reports.

Putin’s Attempt to redraw the map of Europe could lead to the most devastating conflict on the continent since world war ll. It could cost thousands of civilian lives and create hundreds of thousands of refugees fleeing the violence in Ukraine. Putin’s declaration came while “The United Nation Security Council” held a special session in New York on the Ukraine crisis and the boom began shortly thereafter according to multiple news reports.

In his addresses, Putin Claimed to defend people who for eight years are suffering presanction and genocide by the Kyiv regime a reference to a false claim about the government in Ukraine. Putin claimed that the Russian military lay seeks demilitarization and denazification but with no occupation, he demanded Ukraine lay down its weapon or be responsible For bloodshed.

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Exactly what’s happening on the ground in Ukraine is hard to know Russia has already used misinformation tactics and will likely jam up local communication. But it’s hard to interpret what Putin said as anything other than a declaration of war.

The tension over Ukraine has been building for months, but escalated quickly this week, when, on Monday, Putin delivered an hour-long and combative speech that essentially denied Ukrainian statehood. he recombination the independence of two breakaway regions in eastern Ukraine where Moscow has backed separatists since 2014. and sent so-called peacekeeping forces into the region. the beginning, not the end-setting the stage for a  much larger conflict.

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