Russia Expresses Delight On Indian Stance In The Russia-Ukraine Conflict

The Russian diplomat recently expressed delight about India taking a neutral stance on the Russia-Ukraine conflict. Russian President Vladimir Putin recently ordered the Russian forces to enter Ukraine. He announced this through a television address to Russia.

This announcement was met with bitter criticism from various political leaders across the world. People are apprehensive that this may be the start of the next World War. Read out this article to know more about the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, India’s response to the Russian forces entering into Ukraine, and the sanctions imposed on Russia. 

India’s Stance On The Russia-Ukraine Conflict

India has largely been neutral in its public statements and has refrained from outrightly condemning the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The primary reason for this is that India has very close ties with Russia and is heavily dependent on it for its defense supplies.

At the same time, India is also trying to develop better relationships with the western world. However, the Western world will call upon India to outrightly criticize Russia rather than taking just a neutral stance.

Global Response to the Invasion

The Russia-Ukraine conflict has received responses from multiple political leaders. Several nations led by the United States have imposed sanctions on Russia. The NATO allies have threatened to take action against Russia if it doesn’t pull its troops out of Ukraine. The United States of America has imposed several sanctions on Russia.

The United Nations has requested Russia to pull its troops out of Ukraine for the sake of humanity. At the same time Russia has retaliated by saying that if any nation tries to interfere with the Russian military operations in Ukraine, the interfering nation will have to face consequences like never before. 

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Ukraine, on the other hand, has been immersed in a terrible panic ever since the Russian president announced the war on Ukraine. Various videos have surfaced on multiple social media platforms showing people taking cover in metro stations and panicky trying to rush out of the city.

Ukrainian leaders have expressed confidence in the ability of their military to tackle any invasion by the Russian forces. However, even a basic analysis of the Ukrainian military capabilities as compared to the Russian military capabilities clearly shows that Ukraine is in no position to defend itself from Russia.

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