Genomic Sequencing CDC, Causing Privacy Threats: Know More

It’s absolutely yes, CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) said on Twitter that they are using public samples for genomic sequence. 

During covid 19 pandemic, people had been diagnosed through PCR tests, there was a probability, around 10% of those collected swab samples sent labs for doing genomic sequence, CDC says. CDC also says that scientists all over the world used PCR tests to track the emergence of SARS-CoV-2 variants,”.

Genomic sequence is a process used to identify and analyze the genetic makeup of viruses.

People who read this tweet are Raising questions regarding their privacy. Asking CDC without their concern how could you use DNA samples.

Responding to CDC tweets people around the globe give prompt replies and question CDC about their privacy concerns.

However, some are supporting CDC and trying to please the public with their explanations and the reasons behind genomic sequencing@CDC.

Professor Albert Ascherio  Epidemiology and nutrition, says that people are misunderstanding the motive of CDC for genomic sequencing. Here researchers will focus on identifying and analyzing the covid 19 sequencing for its upcoming variants in second and third waves namely Delta and Omicron. With the help of PCR, scientists will identify the strength and spread of new variants.

Ascherio says Usually they won’t use human DNA for testing However there might be less chance to get treated human DNA as they collect samples from humans’ body fluids.

Richard painter a former white house chief ethics lawyer and professor of Law stated that the sample was collected just to check viruses’ strength and spread of them, apart from that “I don’t feel any privacy issues or threat for human DNA” because samples not collected for human DNA.

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Whatever is the reason, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Collected the samples to estimate future consequences related to covid 19 and to get out of this pandemic.

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