Beastars Volume 18: Release Date and Read Manga online

Beastars volume 18 is getting ready to release soon. If want to know more details about Beastars including the latest volumes release spoilers and others. This is the appropriate place where you can get all the updates.

Beastars is a well known Japanese manga that consists of 22 volumes. Till now 16 volumes had been released in English translation. In Japan, Beastars had won many awards. Among all awards, Manga Taisho award is the most prestigious one.

Beastars Volume 18: Release Date

Beastars volume 18 English translation will be released on 17- May 2022. It had comprised of 9 chapters.

Beastars Volume 18: Spoilers

This Japanese series had written by Paru Itagaki. Published by Ankita Shoten in weekly Shonen champion magazine officially. According to this series, there is a civilized and modern world where anthropomorphic animals are living. In that world, animals had been divided into herbivores and carnivores animals based on their eating habits.

Legoshi the main lead character of the series, is a big grey wolf, who is quiet and timid. He is a student at Cherryton Academy and stays along with other carnivores. 

Beastars volume 18

One day a brutal murder happened in Cherryton Academy. That leads to disruption between herbivores and carnivores students. Unexpectedly Legoshi met a small dwarf rabbit called Haru and fell in love with her.

In Beastars volume 18, Legoshi went to shushigumi secret place to capture melon. However, he finds out a melon. As the police force chased him, he had decided to hide at Cherryton Academy until the situation calmed down.

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Volume 18 starts with chapter 152 and ends with chapter 160. Below are the chapters’ names Beastars:

  • Chapter 152 – A Question of Self-Harming School Regulations: Claw Marks on the Wall.
  • Chapter 153 – Howl of the Losing Dogs: A Fine Melody.
  • Chapter 154 – Jack-Sensei’s History Classroom.
  • Chapter 155 – The Yolk Forever in Our Heart.
  • Chapter 156 – Though the Time Bomb Was Quietly Ticking Away.
  • Chapter 157 – Adler Appears Without a Scene Change
  • Chapter 158 – An Unheard-of Word
  • Chapter 159 – Following Tracing Lines for Their Purity
  • Chapter 160 – The Uncertainty of a Loyal Son

Where to Read Manga Online

Beastars Volume 18
Beastars volume 18

You can read Manga on Shonen champion magazine officially. However, there are many other unofficial sites to have a look. You can even pre-order the Beastars volume 18 series on  Amazon Kindle, which will be released automatically on release date.

Major Characters of Beastars

  • Legoshi- A main lead of the series. He is a Timid and introverted grey wolf.
  • Louis
  • Haru
  • Tem
  • Jack
  • Bill
  • Gouhin
  • Juno

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