Atlus Teases New Soul Hackers Game With A New Countdown

Soul Hackers: Atlus is now teasing the announcement of a sequel to its JRPG Devil Summoner: Soul Hackers through a countdown early next week.

Soul Hackers: Information in Detail

Atlus’ Megami Tensai series is a very popular franchise of numerous games which are widespread, Much like Square Enix’s Final Fantasy franchise. Since the original Megami Tensei’s was released in 1987, the subseries have included Shin Megami Tensai, Devil Summoner, Devil Survivor, Persona and the list goes on. To understand  Where exactly Devil Summoner: Soul Hackers fits in the genealogy.

it is quite complicated, but the thing which matters is that the JRPG is unique and has its own cult fanbase. That’s is why probably it appears Atlus is teasing the announcement of a new Soul Hackers game in the coming next week.

The official website of Atlus and Sega with the URL of has appeared online with a countdown. There are two important bits to the countdown. The first one is a handy message above the countdown reading which says, “Hack Begins: 2022.2.18 FRI. 12.00.” Then there’s a countdown, which will expire at 7:00 PM on Monday, February 21. In other words, the “Hack Begins” this Friday and it will end on next Monday.

People are having certain guesses of what Atlus is likely to do, It may release a teaser or trailer for its upcoming Soul Hackers announcement on Friday or perhaps something little having to do with the website. Then, Atlus could fully unveil the project next Monday, whatever that may be.

It is a very unique way to host a countdown, which is drawing everyone’s attention. The way of typically building up hype by using mystery and speculation, which makes the viewers curious. Atlus and Sega appear to have already given the heart of the announcement. Now it is just for the meal to be revealed.

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One million dollar question is whether this new Soul Hackers project is planned for a global release or for a western release at all. While the countdown website itself does feature English, the social meida account which is linked on the website is Japanese only. However, it’s also true that Atlus self publishes in Japan. The involvement of Sega can mean that the game will be published in North America too.

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