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Kingdom Chapter 708: Kingdom is a Japanese seinen manga series. it is written and well illustrated by Yasuhisa Hara. The manga provides a fictionalized and well-illustrated account in form of a series of the Warring States period primarily through the experiences of the war orphan Xin and his comrades.

Before in Kingdom Chapter 707

This chapter of the Kingdom starts with Ryuhaku and Shin’s forces fighting each other. Kohaku charges at the Hi Shin unit, whose work is basically to distract them and let Ryuhaku go forward to accomplish his mission.

Ryuhaku says it’s been an honor for him working with Kohaku and making for Kanki’s HQ. Shin follows him and Kyoukai follows Shin, alternatively. Ryuhaku gets shot at Kokuou’s command but still pushes on, and Marron sends the Zuma clan after him. Will Ryuhaku end Kanki?

In the battle against Ryuhaku and his men, Hi Shin’s unit is engaged. The Hi Shin Unit flag is recognized by the Kohaku unit as belonging to the assassins of Gakuhakukou.

The Hi Shin Unit is been distracted by the Kohaku unit, allowing Ryuhaku to finish the job. For Kohaku and Ryuhaku’s sake, Shun Sui Ju tells a Zhao soldier that this isn’t the end yet.

After Ryuhaku-

As of late, Rei has noticed that her sword isn’t performing to her standards. Kyoukai says that happens on occasion, such as when the priestess dance gets difficult to do. Sword, get a grip! Rei tells the weapon. Before departing for Kanki’s headquarters, Ryuhaku tells Kohaku it’s been an honor to battle beside him for the past few months. Shin enlists En-help san’s in pursuing Ryuhaku, leaving Shin alone to deal with the situation. The death of Kanki would be a positive thing, so why is Shin pursuing Ryuhaku?
After Shin, Kyoukai joins in the chase, as well. On Kokuou’s orders, Ryuhaku reaches a distance where he can observe kanki, but he is shot down. In response to Marron’s summoning of the Zuma clan to pursue Ryuhaku, Marron tells Ryuhaku that Kanki underestimated them.
When Kokuou urges Shin to keep Ryuhaku alive, Shin tries to snatch him. In the same way, they treated Radio, she intends to abuse him. Ryuhaku is knocked from his horse and is most likely dead as a result of a swing from Shin. in the story, Xin fights to become the most significant general under the heavens, and in doing so, unifies China for the first time in history.
Kingdom Chapter 708: Spoiler
In Shin’s personal tally he’s killed continues to rise more gradually with time. I believed that killing Ryuhaku was an extremely very different matter. Because Kokuou would have threatened and tortured him if he had lived more, that is why he took the unfortunate man’s life.

Whereas Shin appeared to have continuous second thoughts about his conduct towards the end, his admirers were not at all different. He could have just said, “Oh no, I’m overpowered.

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I’m sorry.” When it comes to Kanki, “shall I defend him, the mass murderer?” and no one, not a single living would have been able to determine if it had happened. It’s time to start speculating about how Kanki will pass away.

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