Georgia Strengthens Security at Midterm Elections Polling Stations

Georgia wants to expedite election affairs as midterm elections approach. As a part of that Georgia set to strengthen the security at midterm elections polling places. Complete details are furnished in this article.

Georgia State secretary Brad Raffensperger is planning for allowing state police officers to polling places to raise security conditions at polling.

As we all well aware of the chances of less security at polling stations to voters. Not only that increased security may also be required to prevent crime, unnecessary damage, misleading, disputes between voters and political issues, etc.

Atlanta journal constitution’s political reporter Greg Bluestein joins Joshua Johnson to have detailed information about Georgia politics, which could feature prominently in upcoming midterm elections in Georgia.

What are Midterm Elections??

Apart from the general and by-election, midterm elections are conducted to elected their representatives and other officials like governors, local councils, etc. In the middle of their execution.

The midterm elections are held in the middle of the four-year term of the president. These elections do not have a vote for the president, but it includes many members of the House of Representatives, members of the state legislature, and many.

Georgia Strengthens Security at Midterm Elections Polling Stations

Members of the House of Representatives are elected for two-year terms. Because of this, each candidate for delegate must be placed on the ballot during each election period.

Now Georgia is set to conduct midterm elections. Intelligence group determines Georgia is going to have active midterm elections.

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Georgia midterm elections hold the race for governor and one U.S senate seat. And the other race is for  Secretary of State. Sec. Brad Raffensperger is up for re-election.

According to new election laws Georgia hotels also cast ballots which affect early voting.

Know Some Important Dates of Upcoming Elections

Below are the some of the important dates regarding voter Registrations and deadlines gathered from Various sources.

  • Special Election: Registration deadline: February 14 Election: March 15
  • Registration deadline: February 14
  • Election: March 15
  • Special Election Runoff Registration deadline: February 14 Election date: April 12
  • Registration deadline: February 14
  • Election date: April 12
  • General Primary Election, Nonpartisan, Special Election Registration deadline: April 25 Election: May 24
  • Registration deadline: April 25
  • Election: May 24
  • General Primary Election, Nonpartisan, Special Election Runoff Registration deadline: April 25 Election: June 21
  • Registration deadline: April 25
  • Election: June 21
  • General Primary Election -Federal Races Registration deadline: May 23 Election: June 21
  • Registration deadline: May 23
  • Election: June 21
  • General Election/Special Election Registration last date: October 11 Election: November 8
  • Registration deadline: October 11
  • Election: November 8
  • General Election/Special Election Runoff Registration deadline: October 11 Election: December 6
  • Registration deadline: October 11
  • Election: December 6

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