Bitcoin Mining and Downloading Viruses Removed From Steam

Over the last few days, a series of mods for the PC strategy game cities: Skylines have been removed from Steam after users feared. In 2021 a modder going by the name chaos launched a redesigned version of mods called harmony. a vital framework projects mods.

chaos also invented a modified version of harmony and redesigned several mods of the game as a core download meaning that players would have to go download it for any dependent mods to work.

However, its has been discovered malware to the devices of anyone that downloaded it. other malicious code was used to cripple the performance of other mods, which is turn causes people to download more chaos mods as they were advertised as solution to this solution to these issues.

this was discovered when some of the affected modders who, after receiving reports of slow performance from fans found the malicious code.

skylines developers colossal order found that while that mod themselves didn’t contain anything as serious as first feared they were still being deleted from steam because it could leave the door open for the downloading of, malicious software. the mod “updates from Github” was removed shortly after appearing on the workshop. to avoid potential abuse mod has been removed.

Skylines workshop and want to clear up some of the misinformation surroundings these mods. the mods which are banned are “Network Extensions 3” and “Update from Github” . No keyloggers viruses bitcoin mining software or similar has been found in mods on steam workshop.

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“Network Extensions 3” the mod alleged to contain malware was banned due to discriminating against specific steam users. firstly it blocked a shortlist of steam users from using the mod but this was later changed to cause what appeared to be buggy gameplay. blocking users or creating specific restrictions for them violets the steam subscriber agreement and such resulted in the mod being banned.

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