A Woman in Her Mid 30s Followed and Stabbed to Death in Chinatown Apartment

Christina Yuna Lee, a woman in her mid 30s was followed and stabbed to death in Chinatown Apartment, New York city on Sunday. Following her death, Assamad Nash, 25, a suspect was charged with burglary and murder, according to New York Police Department.

Christina Yuna Lee: Followed and Stabbed to Death

Apparently, on a Sunday morning, Christina, 35, entered her building on Chrystie Street. While Nash allegedly followed her from behind up to her six flights of stairs. According to building owner, Brian Chin, she didn’t know she was being followed.

woman followed and stabbed to death in chinatown apartment

Nash forced his way into her apartment, followed by screaming. Neighbors called 911 immediately after the suspicious and frightening activity. This called him upon as a suspect, looking at his previous eight arrests since May, 2021.

After the arrival of police, they found a barricaded individual, and were unable to gain instant access to the apartment. With the help of Emergency Service Unit personnel, they could follow suit. Upon entering, they found Christina’s body laced with trauma in the bathroom. Emergency medical personnel announced Christina dead at the scene.

Christina Yuna Lee’s Death: Investigation and Statements

About the investigation, it is still ongoing, followed by the arrest of Nash on Monday. There seems to be no connection between the suspect and Christina. The attack is mostly concluded to be impromptu, random, seeing Nash’s previous eight arrests since May, 2021.

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chinatown death suspect Nash arrest

The woman moved to New York City from New Jersey last year. She worked as a creative producer, and was a graduate of Rutgers University in New Jersey.

According to community activist Bei Wei, “She was a leader in her company, leading diverse causes, inclusion causes.” Even her coworkers said that Christina was a champion of AAPI representation.

Justin Yu, president of the Chinese Consolidated Benevolent Association, said, “Crime has no consequence in this city.” Before he added, “She has done nothing wrong. Only mistake she made, was to move to New York City… but our city allowed her life to be taken away by violence.”

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