Ottawa Residents are Infuriated as Protests Against COVID Restrictions Continue

Ottawa residents are infuriated with the protests happening against covid restrictions, leading to crowds in the area around Parliament Hill.

Protests Against Covid Restrictions

Following the rallies that are happening across Canada as protestors fight against health restrictions. Trucker protests, cars, and barefoot have been going on for a few weeks, leading citizens and Ottawa residents to be infuriated.

It all started as restrictions were imposed for truckers to be fulfilling vaccine requirements when crossing the US-Canadian border. Since then, it has transformed into larger protests against Covid health restrictions.

ottawa residents are infuriated as protests against covid restrictions continue

Ottawa Residents are Infuriated as Protests Continue

The convoy of truckers and others prompted police to prepare for the possibility of violence and warn residents to avoid downtown. A top Parliament security official advised lawmakers to lock their doors amid reports their private homes may be targeted. A protestor James McDonald says he has no intention of leaving the protests until the government listens to their demands.

Mayor Jim Watson announced a state of emergency that “reflects the serious danger and threat to the safety and security of residents posed by the ongoing demonstrations and highlights the need for support from other jurisdictions and levels of government,” a statement from the city said.


Earlier in the afternoon, Watson had described the situation as “completely out of control,” adding that the protesters “have far more people than we have police officers.” He added, “Clearly, we are outnumbered and we are losing this battle.” He told CFRA radio, “This has to be reversed; we have to get our city back.” Watson called the truckers “insensitive,” as they have continued “blaring horns and sirens and fireworks, and turning it into a party.”

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Locals have complained of the ceaseless sound of air horns and of being harassed, insulted, or blocked by the protesters. The truckers and their supporters have dug in, however, saying the protests will continue until the Covid-related restrictions are lifted.

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