Billion Years Old Black Diamond Sold Out at £3.16m: Know More

Billion years old black Diamond named The Enigma, Sold out at £3.16m. That is a 555.55-carat gem, whose weight is almost equal to a banana.

Last week it was kept for auction and expected to get more than £4.4m in the online auction.

It was managed by Auctioneer Sotheby. He said, that he didn’t identify the buyer during the auction. Purchaser used Cryptocurrency to buy the black Diamond, who is the cryptocurrency entrepreneur Richard Heart.

He announced through social media that he was the buyer of The Enigma. He made a word to his Twitter followers that “as soon as the payment’s gone through and possession’s been taken” the gem would be renamed as “ diamond”, in reference to the blockchain platform.

There are a lot of theories and predictions on the origin of this Black Diamond. Some are predicting that it was carried out by an asteroid to Earth.

The Enigma is one of the rarest and toughest forms of natural Diamond and a Carbonado.

Carbonados are very precious, rare in nature because they contain a mineral called osbornite. This mineral is more often found in meteors which are believed to be originated in space.

Carbonados are the largest cut diamond in the world, with 555.55 carats. Cutting machines made with Carbonados are long-lasting without much maintenance. This is highly recommended for its efficiency in grinding and cutting.

These are impure, microporous, polycrystalline substances with high density. It contains graphite, carbon, diamond, and small crystalline particles in pores.

The main problem with these is their rarity. This Kind of carbonados has been generally available in The Central African Republic and in Brazil. Annually few tons of carbonados are exported.

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The Auctioneer Sotheby detailed, The Enigma  (Black Diamond) as “one among the rarest, billion-year-old cosmic wonders that are known to human beings.

However, the origin of black diamonds is still in mystery. Black diamonds are around 2.6 to 3.2 billion years old in general.

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