Olympic Couple Aims to Boost Speedskating in Britain

Ellia Smeding and Cornelius Kersten are sure about winning medal at the Olympic speedskating oval. These Olympic couple aims to boost speedskating in Britain.

The British duo —  Ellina Smedjng and Cornelius are partners on the ice and also in life, its not necessary to mention about their growing coffee business.

They want to get recognition for the game which they love so much in such countries where the existence of the known hardly.

In this year’s winter games, Smeding and Kersten have already made a touch of history for Britain just by earning spots. Kersten is the country’s first male speedskater to compete in the Olympics after the 1992 Albertville Games.

Smeding also had broken good longer drought, becoming Britain’s first female Olympic speedskater since Lake Placid in 1980.

Kersten said that “It means everything to her,”  At the beginning line there, i used to be just very emotional. It had been like everything we worked for, everything is coming together now. This is often the race, time to travel. To place long trackback on the map again (in Britain), I’m really proud to try to do that. To travel through this experience with Ellia makes it even more special.”

The Olympic couple Kersten and Smeding live and train within the Netherlands which is the center of speedskating and just about a necessity since there is not even one oval in Britain. Short-track speedskating has a little bit of a following within the country but the normal version of the game had faded into obscurity in recent decades.

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As most of the people not show interest, speedskating is essentially ignored. British Olympic committee, prefers to place its resources into sports that really have an attempt at medals. Smeding and Kersten know the fact that the medals aren’t a sensible expectation for themselves, but they hope their mere appearance in Beijing will give the game a jolt.

Kersten said that “I don’t know what the effect is going to be”. “Maybe next year at long track, we may see more people crop up. I really don’t know what we’ve achieved yet, but we think we’ve achieved something

Our long-term aim is to get enough interest to eventually get a 400-meter oval inbuilt Britain.

“That is the most important thing,” Smeding said, if we don’t have the all facilities it will be very difficult to grow the game. To urge their program in Beijing, they both competed within the 1,500 meters.

Smeding stood in place 27th out of 30 skaters, while her partner did a little better on the men’s side, beating out 10 other competitors, and stood in 19th.

“I really wanted to place down an honest race, make the country proud and show what long track is,” Smeding said.

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