Skateboarding in the Olympics: A Hope for Change and Inspiration in Mexico

With the introduction of Skateboarding in the Olympics, the venture brings hope and inspiration for the youth. It surged the skateboarders in Mexico with an exceptionally exciting thrill to make a name for themselves and their country.

Here’s a video highlight of Skateboarding in the Olympics 2020.

Skateboarding in the Olympics

Skateboarding first made its debut at the 2020 Summer Olympics held in Tokyo, Japan. It was one of the four new additional sports added to the program for 2020. The proposal for the sport to be added was approved in August 2016. The game has been approved provisionally for the 2024 Olympic games as well.

In the Summer Olympics, 2020, for Skateboarding – 4 events were held, 2 for men and 2 for women. 80 competitors participated from 25 nations, marking it as a milestone for the sport. The sport featured two disciplines: park and street. Certain rules were added in case of injuries or malfunctions.

skateboarding olympics 2020 tokyo

The debut of Skateboarding landed some competitors in achieving a medal of pride for respective countries.

Men’s Park

  • GOLD – Keegan Palmer (Australia)
  • SILVER – Pedro Barros (Brazil)
  • BRONZE – Cory Juneau (USA)

Men’s Street

  • GOLD – Yoto Horigome (Japan)
  • SILVER – Kelvin Hoefler (Brazil)
  • BRONZE – Jagger Eaton (USA)

Women’s Park

  • GOLD – Sakura Yosozumi (Japan)
  • SILVER – Kokona Hiraki (Japan)
  • BRONZE – Sky Brown (Great Britain)

Women’s Street

  • GOLD – Momiji Nishiya (Japan)
  • SILVER – Rayssa Leal (Brazil)
  • BRONZE – Funa Nakayama (Japan)

Skateboarding: Inspiration for youth in Mexico

As Skateboarding marks its addition in the Olympics, the skateboarders in Mexico have gained profound inspiration. They have been practicing and hitting the skateparks constantly, showing people their passion for the sport. Breaking all stereotypes, and leading people to show a new side for sport.

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skateboarders in mexico

The Mexican government started building skate parks in the 1980s in an effort to restore public spaces, and the tide shifted in the decades that followed. The scene is becoming increasingly diverse.

As the skateboarding scene grows in Mexico City, so does international interest. It has become a travel destination for skateboard enthusiasts, professional athletes, and sponsors alike. In 2014, Nike Skateboarding, in conjunction with the Mexican government, built an Aztec-inspired skate park to promote access to young skateboarders in the city. In early December, Vans built a flagship skate park and event space in the Mixcoac neighborhood of Mexico City.


All this just continues to prove that this will embark on a new journey that will be led by change and inspiration among passionate youths.

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