Kaguya Sama Chapter 252 READ MANGA ONLINE and Release Date Updates

The new chapter of Kaguya Sama Chapter 252 is already released. It’s good news for all the fans of Kaguya sama. It has been released on Thursday, February 3, 2022


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Kaguya Sama Chapter 252: Highlights

In the 251 chapter of Kaguya-Sama, It started with Maki shijo trying to convince Miyuki that they should include her in the group. she knew about everything that had been going on between both the families. Miyuki’s only concern was that the shijo family was the perfect enemy of the Shinomiya Family.

To be fair, Maki confessed that there was nothing in her hands. In fact, it was her father who could do all the talking and sort it out for Kaguya. But the rivalry between the shinomiyas and the Shijos was what is blocking the dialogue.

Maki expressed that there was only one person who could solve everything for Kaguya. Her elder brother and Kaguya were in the same class in middle school. But something happened between the both of them and they were no longer on talking terms. Since then, he has been searching for ways to get out of the Shinomiya Family web.

While he had a firm grip on his own Family matters, He had aslo managed to make good relations in the Shinomiya business. Now if he was married to Kaguya, Which he intended to do, she would be out of the circle. Meanwhile, Miko had al the communications figured out with the help of an app that she discovered.

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Kaguya Sama Chapter 252: Release Date

Leaping into a battle with a worthy opponent, Once again. The title brilliantly points towards the war that is on the brink of commencement. So, Kaguya-sama Love, is war chapter 252 has already been released on past Thursday, February 3, 2022.

Kaguya Sama Chapter 252: Streaming Updates

This chapter is available on the official website of Viz Media and other Shonen platforms.

What Can We See in The New Chapter?

According to the final scene of the previous chapter, The title of the new chapter is  ” Leaping into battle with a worthy opponent, Once again. This chapter will open with all the members installing the communication app on their cellphones. But before breaking into the establishment, Miyuki must make contact with the elder brother of Maki. if he truly intends to marry Kaguya, He falls into trouble. This would only increase the number of hurdles for him.

Also, the fact that Kaguya and he were good friends in the past gives him the impression that something was brewing between the two. Also, he had already claimed that if Miyuki could not save Kaguya, he would do it himself. Now the story Kaguya-sama Love is war chapter 252 in drifting into a three-way love angle. Does this mean that Kaguya will have to choose one of them?

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