Flores’ lawsuit exposed the NFL’s Widespread Racism Towards Coaches

In a class-action complaint filed Tuesday, the former head coach of the Miami Dolphins alleged that the NFL discriminated against him and other Black coaches in their hiring methods.

Brian Flores, who was sacked as coach of the Miami Dolphins last month and was turned down for new employment by other teams, has filed a lawsuit alleging that the NFL and its 32 teams discriminated against him and other Black coaches in their hiring policies.

Derold McIver admitted that watching NFL games is tough for him. He worked as a player’s agent for six years, and the “up close and personal” experience soured him on the game he had loved and embraced for much of his life.

Actual Racial Discrimination

So, when he heard about Brian Flores’ civil case against the league and three clubs for racial discrimination in hiring procedures, his initial thought was, “About time.”

Flores’ claims are charges that have yet to be substantiated, but they sound eerily similar if you’ve ever spoken to a Black NFL coach over the years. Specifically, most Black coaches do not have a realistic possibility of landing many head coaching positions.

Flores mentioned text texts he said were sent by his former boss, Bill Belichick of the New England Patriots. Belichick seems to congratulate Flores on earning the Giants’ job, which he had yet to interview for at the time, in the texts. Flores answered by questioning whether Belichick intended the message for Daboll, who had interviewed before to Flores’ meeting.

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“This is more than football,” Flores said on television news and sports broadcasts Wednesday morning. We’re truly transforming the hearts and minds of people who employ head coaches, CEOs, and other professionals.”

The Giants, Miami Dolphins, and Denver Broncos, according to Williams, should be reprimanded and penalized substantially for their roles in Flores’ case. He also stated that he believes the lawsuit will be resolved swiftly, but that the larger issues should be focused on how the league will adapt rather than the legal decision.


“I recognize that by filing the class action case today, I may be jeopardizing my ability to teach the game that I like and that has provided so much for my family and me.” “Flores made the announcement in a statement. “My earnest goal is that by speaking out against institutional racism in the NFL, others will join me in making lasting change for future generations.”

Flores claimed he was “handled with disdain and held out as someone who was noncompliant and difficult to deal with” after leaving the boat.

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