Sakamoto Days Chapter 58: Read Manga Online and Release Date Updates

Sakamoto Days Chapter 58: Sakamoto Days is a shonen manga written and illustrated by Yuto Suzuki. It began serialization on November 21, 2020, to date. Five volumes and 58 chapters have been published till now and the manga is serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump. In today’s article, we will discuss the latest chapter, i.e. the 58th chapter of Sakamoto Days in detail. Read on to find out where to read and release updates.

Sakamoto Days Chapter 58: Synopsis

According to Wikipedia, Sakamoto days follow the life of former legendary hitman Taro Sakamoto. He was feared by all evil people in the underworld but one day he fell in love and retired.

After he got married and retired, he became a convenience store owner and grew overweight as a result of his homely life. Although, even if he was done with the world of the hitmen, it still follows him. As a result, he and his employee at the store- Shin protect his simple life from any threats.

Sakamoto Days Chapter 58: Release Date and Where to Read?

Sakamoto days 58th chapter the release date is on Sunday, February 13, 2022. In order to read the manga online, head towards MangaPlus by Shueisha. It is an official source for reading a wide range of titles. However, due to licensing issues only the first and the latest 3 chapters are available for reading.

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If you want to buy the manga whether digitally or in print you can buy it here on VIZ. The first volume is only available for pre-order as of now. The best place to read online without a doubt is Shueisha’s MangaPlus.

We request you to read the manga from official and legal sources as it supports the creator of the manga.

Sakamoto Days Chapter 58: Spoilers and Raw Scans

According to Omnitos, the raw scans and spoilers will be available 2 to 3 days before the release of the 58th chapter. There has also been an update that the manga is not on hiatus. As of now, there are no spoilers available.

Major Characters

The major characters in the manga are:-

  • Taro Sakamoto
  • Shin
  • Lu Xiaotang
  • Aoi Sakamoto
  • Uzui/X

and many more…

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