Tokyo Revengers Chapter 241: Release Date and Read Manga Online

So, the release date of TOKYO REVENGERS CHAPTER 241, is Feb 9, 2022. Fans of Tokyo revengers are eagerly waiting for the new chapter to release.


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Tokyo Revengers Chapter 240: Recap

At the D&D motor shop, Takemichi and hakkai are having a conversation about how to tell chufuyu that he is fired from his team manager role. Chifuyu suddenly appears and questions what they were talking about. Hakkali and Takemichi were trying to keep themself cool. They whisper to each other and were arguing that who was going to break the news to Chifuyu.

However, Chifuyu suddenly gets serious and tells them something came into his mind after seeing Mitsuya at the fashion design competition. Takemichi, Hakkai, Chifuyu and Inupi meet up with Mitsuya at the park. Chifuyu asks Mitsuya to take his role as advisor in the team since he is less experienced.

Mitsuya agrees and also offers to redesign the team’s logo, uniform, and name. While Takemichi and Hakkai are happy about it, Chifuyu is astonished. Moreover, Mitsuya tells them that they need to get serious.

Apart from their current team of five members, Mitsuya tells that Panchin, Pehyan, Smiley and angry are joining the team as well. When Mitsuya asks takemichi if he plans on adding another person to their team, Takemichi agrees to it and meets up with Takeomi.

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Tokyo Revengers Season 2 Release Date

Takemichi approaches Takeomi in order to geta captive of Senju. They go to Brahamn’s old hideout, where Senju is feeling down. She has lost hope from the results of the recent battle, but Takemichi tells her things are not done yet.

Takeomi tells Senju that she is going to have regrets over this. He says what happened to him and Sanzu had nothing to do with her, but Senju disagrees. Senju reveals that Sanzu and Mikey ended up in the situation which they are in now because of her.

Takemichi is confused and asks Senju what she means. Senju begins to tell about her past. It turns out that she has known Mikey, Baji and Sanzu all the way from childhood.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 241: Spoilers

No spoilers as of now has been released. Stay tuned with us for the updates

Where to Read Tokyo Revengers Manga

Tokyo revengers is available on Comixology Unlimited and also on Kindle unlimited by the volume.

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