Skip Beat Volume 46: Release Date and Read Manga Online

Here is everything you need to know about Skip beat volume 46: Release Date and Read Manga Online. Skip beat is a very popular shojua manage that has been around for 10 years now.

Skip beat is constantly gaining fandom. It will be celebrating its 20 years in 2022.

Skip Beat Volume 46: Highlights 

It is the story of Kyōko Mogami, a 16-year-old girl who discovers her childhood friend, Shō Fuwa, who is an aspiring pop idol as well as the boy she loves, only keeps her around to act as a maid and earn money.

Skip Beat Volume 46: Release Date 

The next chapter of this manga series will be released in April, 2022. The exact date is not confirmed but it will surely release this year.

Where can you Read Manga Online?

On ecan read manga online on its official website and can also refer online platforms like and  poeple also order it from shopping sites and vi ge watch it on Netflix.

Skip beat volume 46: Release Date and Read Manga Online

Skip Beat Volume 46: Major Characters 

Kyōko Mogami

Kyoko is a joyful personality covers a hidden past. She used to dedicate her life to the happiness of her childhood companion, only friend and crush Sho Fuwa.

Ren Tsuruga

Ren is an actor working for the entertainment company, LME. He is currently ranked Japan’s most desirable man. Ren is a very strong-willed person.

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Shō Fuwa

Sho is one of the best musicians in Japan. Sho keeps his real name a secret because he finds it very old-fashioned and traditional.

Lory Takarada

Lory is the president of the LME Agency. He often is seen in extravagant and exaggerated costume displays, and tends to go overboard in everything he does. He always makes a ‘grand entrance’ in every sense of the word.

Maria Takarada

Maria is the granddaughter of the president of LME who used to use her cute appearance to get people’s sympathy.

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