Chainsaw Man Volume 10: Release Date and Read Manga Online

The Chainsaw Man Volume 10 is all set to release on April 10th, 2022. This epic Manga series is loved by thousands of fans across the globe.

It is written and illustrated by Tatsuki Fujimoto. This epic series has inspired several movies and games. An anime adaptation of it is all set to release on television in 2022. It is adapted by MAPPA. Read this article to find out the release date of the Chainsaw Man Volume 10 and to get a brief overview including spoilers about this epic series.

Chainsaw Man Volume 10: Highlights

Alert: Spoilers ahead. Chainsaw Man Volume 10  is set in the year 1997. It shows a world inhabited by devils and humans. The devils are constantly in a cycle from hell to Earth and Earth to hell. When they die in hell they are born on Earth and when they die on earth they are born in hell. Their birth on Earth is caused by human fears. The more fearful humans are of a devil, the more powerful the devil becomes. This transit between Earth and hell is overseen by a mystical creature called the Hell Devil.

A group called Primal Fears constitutes a group of terrifying devils living in hell that have never been killed. Similarly, in Earth dwell a certain group of humans who specialize in defeating and enslaving devils into their employment. This story revolves around one such devil hunter, Denji.

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He is forced to work as a devil hunter to pay off his father’s debt to Yakuza. Eventually, Denji massacres Yakuza. He is then visited by the Public Safety Division, a government-led body if devil hunters who work to make the Earth a safe place. It is headed by Makima.

Chainsaw Man: Major Characters

Denji- A young impoverished and brave man who was forced to become a devil hunter to pay off his father’s debt to Yazuna. He has a major crush on Makima and that is why he becomes a member of the Public Safety Division.

Makima- The head of the public safety division. She plans to make the world a peaceful place with the help of the Chainsaw Man. She is intelligent and manipulative.

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