Russia 70% Ready to Invade Ukraine and Will Move in Heavy Equipment This Month.

Russia has assembled 70 percent of the military power it needs to launch a full-scale invasion of Ukraine and is preparing to move heavy-duty equipment to the border US. The ground is expected to reach peak freeze in mid-February, US officials said on Saturday, allowing for off-road mechanized transit by Russian military units.

Russia has more than 100,000 troops near Ukraine’s border denies plans of attack. The US officials did not provide evidence for their assessment. Basically, the information was based on intelligence and it was difficult for them to send details because of sensitivity.

such conditions would continue until the end of march. The number of Russian battalion tactical groups in the border region between Russia and Ukraine has risen to 83 from 60.  Russian President Vladimir Putin had decided to take such a step, adding that a diplomatic solution was still possible and they haven’t provided evidence to back up their estimates of Russia’s force.

From mid-January, Russia increased its armed presence along the Ukraine border. Russia will not plan an invasion but could take unspecified military action if its security demands are not met.

A serviceman of the Russian Southern Military District's 150th Rifle Division looks through binoculars during a military exercise at Kadamovsky Range, Rostov region, 27 January

They promised Ukraine will never be allowed to join NATO. A demand both Washington and NATO itself have said is unacceptable. Washington believed that Russia will choose other options than a Full-scale invasion including a limited incursion. A full-scale invasion would cause major casualties, one of the officials told the news agency.

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A full invasion would also prompt the flight of millions of refugees and internally displaced persons in Europe, Washington believes. While Ukraine has been downplaying the fears of a Russian invasion, the US and Russian ambassadors faced off in a UN Security Council meeting recently and the American government has been warning Russia. Other western nations have also intensified their efforts to defuse the situation.

Meanwhile, French President Emmanuel Macron is scheduled to meet with Mr. Putin on Monday. Moscow accuses the Ukrainian government of failing to implement the Minsk agreement Rivalry between Russia and the US, which still possess the world’s biggest nuclear arsenals, dates back to the Cold War. Ukraine was then a crucial part of the communist Soviet Union.

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