Protestors Gather for Amir Locke Shooting Minneapolis

Thousands of protesters gathered for Amir locke shooting in Minneapolis. On Saturday, Protesters were in rage on street in reaction to the incident. There were slogans and shouting etc.

Many were carrying signs like “black lives matter ‘” and “Frey lied, Amir died”. The matter came into the eyes of people when the camera footage of SWAT tran shooting fatally Amir was released. The footage went viral on Thursday.

Protestors gather for Amir locke shooting

As a result, the video raised lot of questions and outrage. Citizens were also upset as the official’s statements were not matching to what the video showed. Protestors wanted a clear justification and large no. Of them were sad on how people are still getting killed due to racism.

Protestors demanded immediate resignation of Minneapolis’s mayor Jacob Frey and officer Mark Hanneman -the one who shot Amir- . They also demanded actions on other authorities who served the warrant.

In a press conference after the release of the body camera footage on Thursday, Huffman said that Locke was not named in the search warrant, and that “at this point, it is unclear if or how he is connected to St. Paul’s investigation

On Saturday, the Police Officers Federation of Minneapolis released a statement saying:

“Policing, particularly with a SWAT team, is a dangerous, high-stress profession where officers are forced to make important split-second decisions in defense of themselves and fellow officers, especially when weapons are involved. Weapons are drawn and used when officers are faced with significant safety threats…

No officer goes into a dangerous setting like this wanting to use a weapon. That decision was not taken lightly, and the impact of the use of deadly force will affect these officers, their families, and the family of Mr. Locke for the rest of their lives.“

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In addition to all this, the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension is also investigating the shooting incident. Locke’s family has also been demanding justice for him along with the nation.

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