Mao Volume 4: Release Date and Read Manga Online

Mao Volume 4 is expected to be released on March 8, 2022. This epic series is written by Rumiko Takahashi. This epic series has inspired several games and television shows. Read this article to find out the release date of the Mao Volume 4 and to get a brief overview including spoilers about this epic series.

Mao Volume 4: Highlights

Alert: Spoilers ahead. The Mao Volume 4  revolves around the life of a girl called Nanoka Kiba. After being saved from a fatal shipwreck she is transported back to the 20th century. The world is inhabited by many mystical and supernatural creatures back then. She soon meets an aloof exorcist called Mao. Nanoka is recruited by him.

Soon many weird activities start unfolding around them. Mao is confronted with several former trainees of his. The suspicious thing is that they should have ideally dies of old age long time back. Mao has a life-keeping source that keeps him alive and does not let him age with the passage of time.

After several battles, they both return back to the current time. Together they have slain several demons and been on several adventures. However, once back, Nanoka Kiba seems unhappy. She feels that Mao is not giving her enough attention. But soon another calamity befalls them. An old nemesis has entered the real world along with them. The source of Mao’s life is soon stolen. As Nanoka tries to save him, this story develops into a remarkable tale of courage, adventure, love, and kindness.

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Mao Volume 4: Major Characters

Mao- He has several unnatural powers that he uses for both good and bad purposes. He considers himself to be the guardian of Nanoka. He has an ancient curse troubling him.

Nanoka Kiba- The main lead of the series. Nanoka is a brave girl with unnatural powers. She has a crush on Mao. Nanoka is also cursed like Mao.

Otoya – The personal assistant of Mao. She is very intelligent. He has great knowledge about medicine and tries to help Nanoka and Mao in every possible way.

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