Why Adrien Brody’s , ‘Clean’ is an Anti-Hero

Adrien Brody, as we all know, is an actor capable of exhibiting diverse characters in incredibly compelling storylines. From the Pianist to The Peaky Blinders, Brody has been a genuine performer of his craft. With the recent thriller, ‘Clean’ fans will get the chance to see the man back in action as a garbage man trying to live a redemptive life free of crime and violence who gets pulled back into it after making an enemy out of the local crime boss.

What is The Anti-Hero?

An anti-hero can be described as a character that possesses an ambivalence in its characteristic traits. An anti-hero is furnished with a complexity that makes it hard for the audience to relate it with the regular definition of a hero. Some popular examples of an anti-hero are the Joker (2019), Lelouch Lamperouge, and Tyler Durden. These characters typify the anti-hero spirit in its entire genuineness and now, Adrien Brody, in his latest film is going to portray the garbage man ‘Clean’ as he reconciles with the violence in his past.

Synopsis and Release Date

Adrien Brody portrays a simple garbage man who works alone at night and wonders about the decay of the city. He is a troubled soul who is badly affected by the loss of his daughter. Due to a mishap, he suddenly becomes the target of the crime boss of the city. Due to this, Clean has to accept the violence in his past in this ferocity-filled tale. ‘Clean’ premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival on June 19, 2021. It was released on January 28, 2022.

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Where to watch

Clean(2022) can be streamed on Prime Video with the rent/buy option. In India, it is not yet available for streaming, but with a VPN connection, it might be possible to watch the movie. We recommend you choose a legal source to watch this movie as it will benefit the creators of the film.

Major Characters

  • Adrien Brody plays Clean
  • Glenn Fleshler plays Michae
  • Richie Merritt plays Mike
  • Chandler Ari DuPont plays Dianda
  • Michelle Wilson plays Ethel
  • John Bianco plays Frank

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