Texas Braces for Tough Weather As Governor Abbott Warns People

Governor of the State of Texas, Republican Greg Abbott, came out with a warning for some possible power supply cuts in Texas as the Lone Star State braces for the tough winter storm that is up ahead of them. The Republican made a note that his people could see power outages for many reasons during the harsh weather–such as a tree falling on a power line or ice on a power line that stops service.

The Governor of Texas still stays positive about the situation

Assuring the Texan people that they have nothing to worry about, Abbott said the possible power outages would not “mean that there are challenges with the power grid in state of Texas”. He further said it is just that they are bracing for a difficult weather and one particular neighborhood may be without power, but the local power supplier companies are working efficiently to minimizw the problems as much as possible.

Abbott’s comments come as Texas is expected to witness a winter storm later this week.

The storm comes close to a year after Texas went through the violent winter storm Umi, which cost several hundred lives, according to the reports.

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The State of Texas is preparing to brave a very tough weather

In Abbott’s words, close to 4,000 personnel working under the Texas Department of Transportation have been assigned the task to help pretreat the roads for the storm as they might become icy and treacherous. For the same reason, he warned any traveller to go safely in the next few days to avoid any accidents.

The Texas Railroad Commission has talked to the Chiefs of local gas distribution companies, major gas producers and pipeline operators in all of Texas the day before Abbott addressed the Texans. He said they were all prepared for potential inclement weather.

The State of Texas

Peter Lake, the Head of the Public Utility Commission of Texas, has claimed the state’s power grid and transmission system have exceeded the federal winterization standards in terms of efficiency. Texas Emergency Management Chief Nim Kidd encouraged people to follow protocol and watch out for local weather forecasts as the storm comes nearer. He also cautioned the people about the pipes freezing and said that everyone should have a plan to stay warm and indoors, preferably.

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