New Title and Logo Released for Warner Bros and Discovery Merger

Some weeks ago it was announced that AT&T will be merging Warner Media and Discovery. The title for the merger was yet to be announced. However, the name for the merger of two different entertainment has been announced as ‘ Warner Bros Discovery’.

The merger would be putting Warner Bros. pictures, DC films, HBO max as well as Discovery content such as Discovery Channel, Food Network, and more. The Individual company would now be rebranded as a single new company. As the title hints, they combined the names of the earlier two companies.

The two very different companies with dramas and movies on one hand and reality information show with sports as well on the other would also gain a new streaming platform from the merger with a newly gained variety of content. It will have brought together quality content of movies and shows from the libraries of each.

New Title and Logo released for Warner Bros. and Discovery merger

Warner Bros Discovery:

Announced on 1 June, the merged company introduced a new Title, Logo, and also a tagline. The logo image shows a blue sky with clouds and golden colored title, the tagline ‘The stuff that dreams are made of’ is also visible. The statement deriving from the dialogue of the 1941 WB film Maltese Falcon.

This feels like a classic tribute to the old Warner Bros. logo. The CEO of the company has also made a statement where he says the name will celebrate and honor the studio with a nonfiction story in the same. The tagline is also another tribute to the original legacy.

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Another deal that followed the merger was Amazon’s announcement to buy MGM studios.

Reaction to the Title & Logo:

After the release of the image, it was criticized by many and also became the center of many memes. The Image was observed as too amateurish looking and outdated. Even if many call it an initial wordmark and not an officially decided title, it has led to much criticism and mockery.

Many called it WordArt and made jokes about the design. With jokes about both the title and logo, Logo and the graphic design were more focused on. Overall all the memes or criticism included making fun of the Title, Graphic Design, Logo, and creativity.

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