Iran : The Country’s Undeclared Nuclear Sites Are Cause Of Concern For UN Nuclear Watchdog

The world is certainly under constant threat of weapons of mass destruction with few nations trying to do things irresponsibly. The nation of Iran in the middle east is one such wannabe nuclear power. It holds ambitions to create a successful nuclear weapon, while the world remains fearful about its unstable decisions that might lead to some nuclear strikes.

Iran And Its Nuclear Sites

The International Atomic Energy Agency recently released its first reports since Iran suspended inspections in February. The UN nuclear watchdog came out to share its concern about Iran not clarifying queries over probable undeclared nuclear activity.It also shared that Iran’s enriched uranium stockpile was more than 16 times the limit.

The IAEA in the meantime shared the information that it has extended a temporary agreement with Iran until June 24. This agreement has allowed it to carry out more inspections relating to Nuclear programs in the country.

The IAEA director-general Rafael Grossi revealed that the organization’s inspection has established the presence of nuclear material and/or equipment contaminated by nuclear material at three undeclared locations. While most of the radioactivity could be dated back to the early 2000s. He also expressed the organization’s concern about technical discussions between the agency and Iran which could not yield positive results.

The UN watchdog also brought forth its results regarding to a fourth nuclear site where natural Uranium could have been present. Iran failed to answer IAEA’s questions relating to the Uranium’s presence in form of metal discs between 2002 and 2003.

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Response From The World

The world is naturally concerned about the possibility of getting any new nation with weapons of mass destruction. As a result, world powers are engaged with Iran in talks in Vienna to rescue the 2015 nuclear deal. The former president Donald Trump gave up on this deal and he also placed crippling sanctions on Tehran in 2018. Although, President Biden has signaled his willingness to get back into the deal.

If Biden finally plans to get back into the deal, he would be compelled to lift the sanctions reinstated by Trump. While Iran will have to give in and re-commit to full compliance with its earlier nuclear obligations.

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