Army of the Dead 2: Release Date, Aliens, Robot Zombies and Time Loop Theory Explained

Is Army of the Dead 2 released? Army of the Dead was released in theatres as well as on the online streaming platform Netflix in the last month. The movie also became one of the 10 most-watched movies on Netflix. It has been a long time since there was a good action zombie movie.

In case you have not seen the zombie heist movie, some major spoilers ahead. The Snyder film is more than just another zombie film, it has many things unexplained, including Easter Eggs and other theories. The movie follows a group of mercenaries who are given a job or a mission to enter the zombie-filled Las Vegas city to bring back $200 million from a vault in the casino hotel. The movie also showed evolved zombies, who had alphas and also a zombie tiger.

Army of the Dead also had some challenges, they changed the actor Chris D’Elia who plays the pilot Peters after some allegations against him. They also did shot some parts again and added Tig Notaro with CGI in the film. In addition, two prequels of the movie are already in work.

Army of the Dead 2 : Release Date, Aliens, Robot Zombies and Time Loop Theory Explained

Army of the Dead 2:

The movie left a lot of unanswered questions, including mainly the last scene where Vanderohe is seen to have survived the nuke inside the vault and he escapes to Mexico City on a flight. When he is about to land he notices the bitemark, so what happens next. The sequel would follow the story what happens after that. That would not be the only story that needs to be told. What are the time loop theory, zombie robots and are aliens involved in it?

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The sequel has not been announced or confirmed yet. However, there is a great possibility of a sequel. If the sequel is confirmed, it could possibly arrive by 2023 or later. The two prequels, one being an anime show titled Lost Vegas and another being a movie titled Army Of Thieves. Army of Thieves would follow the Safecracker Dieter at the start of the outbreak in Las Vegas, being part of another heist. Both the spin offs would be available on Netflix.

Army of the Dead 2 : Release Date, Aliens, Robot Zombies and Time Loop Theory Explained

Army of the Dead 2: Aliens:?

At the start of the movie, we see the government soldiers transporting some confidential thing to a facility from Area 51, as the conversation between soldiers explains. At the same time there is also an Easter egg which shows 2 UFOs in the sky. Later, the vehicle containing Zeus, which we later come to know, gets into an accident which releases him and leads to apocalypse in the city.

Are the zombies and virus somehow connected to Aliens? Army of the Dead would not be the first to hint that possibility, it has been hinted in other movies or shows. Not only limited to the hints of origin, the film also has many references to the classic old movie Aliens.

Army of the Dead 2 : Release Date, Aliens, Robot Zombies and Time Loop Theory Explained

Robot Zombies in Army of the Dead 2

The robot zombie can only be seen in one scene and it can be easily missed. Near the end, when the crew is fighting to get out they shoot one zombie in the face which reveals a metal layer and blue eye which is seen glowing. It also crumbles to ground sparks firing looking like something went wrong with its functioning.

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There are shots which shows zombies with blue shine light for eyes, which can not be explained. There are also no mentions of any zombies which are robots in the film. Snyder also said in an interview that some zombie appear different, not normal but robots. He also suggested they may be some government related things or not from this world things.

They could be explained of the purpose and origin in one of the prequels about the film.

Army of the Dead 2 : Release Date, Aliens, Robot Zombies and Time Loop Theory Explained

Time Loop Theory:

In the film, when Vanderohe and Dieter reach the vault level, 3 skeletons can be seen. Vanderohe messes with Dieter scaring him by saying this could be the crew themself stuck in some time loop. They can be a previous crew sent for the same purpose who fail. However, there are some familiar things about them, like the outfit, gears and accessories. Many also believe that the film shows the fourth loop of the mission.

Snyder has said that some evidence does support that theory. However, this does not sound as a direct confirmation or a denial but more like an indirect ‘could be that’. The ending of the movie did not suggest any time loop but it does seem it could be true.

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