Beginning After The End Manga Chapter 131: Release Date and Read Manga Online

Beginning After The End Manga Chapter 131 release date is here. It is an original tapas series or seasonal comic written by Turtleme. Season 1 and season 2 are released. It is published in many different languages like English, Chinese, Thai, Japanese, Korean, and french.

King grey is the part of the world that is governed by martial ability. He has strength, wealth,  fame. However, he is not happy inside and feels shallow and loney from within.

Beginning After The End Manga Chapter 131: Highlights 

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Beginning After The End Manga Chapter 131:release date

The new chapter of this manga series is expected to come out on 04 February 2022. However, the chapter’s English translation will come out a few mins later.

Where can you read manga online?

If you are a fan of fascinating storytelling then reading manga is a must. There are many online platforms where you can read the manga. Along with the official website on series, one can also read it on websites like

Begining after the end chapter 131

Beginning After The End Manga Chapter 131:Major Characters

Reynolds “Rey” Leywin

Leywin is a former adventurer and leader of the Twin Horns party and the head of security of the Helstea Auction House. He is the husband of Alice Leywin, as well as the father of their children Arthur Leywin and Eleanor Leywin.

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Samantha Tempest

Samantha is one of the party members in the Dire Tombs dungeon dive. Samantha has a bubbly personality, giving a wink to Arthur during her introduction to the Dire Tombs’ party.

The Indrath Clan

Clan is the strongest of the “Great Eight” of the Asuras. They can influence aether, causing a severe gap in power to form between them and the second strongest race. Their leader is Kezess Indrath.

Agrona Vritra

Vritra is the main antagonist of The Beginning After The End. Agrona has the ability to manipulate the memories of others upon physical contact.

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