Hospital Playlist Season 3 CONFIRMED by Showrunner but Not on Netflix

After running 24 outstanding episodes, and two seasons of heartfelt drama, television’s fantastic series Hospital Playlist has come to an end on Netflix. Fans have been curiously waiting for Hospital Playlist Season 3 to return since the second season arrived in June 2021. Unfortunately, as of now, Netflix’s South Korean series Hospital Playlist has no plans for returning for the third season.

It is heartbreaking to know that the director is not looking forward to season 3.

Hospital Playlist

Hospital Playlist Season 3: Soompi’s Statement:-

According to Soompi, all the production and cast members are ready to return to the new season. However, there seem to be no specific plans for Season 3.

Hospital Playlist Season 3 Director Shin Won-Ho’s Thoughts:-

Earlier the director opened about the situation of season 3 and if the show will return. Director Shin revealed that the original plan was to air the second season for three years. However, Shin insisted that the cast accept other projects as they are not tied up for the next season. Moreover, the director said that there are no specific plans for season 3. However, if the show returns for the third season in the future, the cast will be seen back in action.


Why Hospital Playlist Season 3 Won’t be Returning:-

The best simplest and shortest answer for this question, and in this instance Hospital Playlist won’t be returning for a third season is that the story has been wrapped up in a nice bow. In season 2 so if the hospital playlist should be released in the new season there should be some new story for the new season.

Hospital Playlist Season 3 Release Date:

Hospital Playlist

Considering the view from director Shin Won-Ho on the production schedule, season 3 of Hospital Playlist will be produced as soon as the actor’s schedules all align.

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Considering the entire cast’s performances in Hospital Playlist. Fans will not be too surprised to hear that many of the actors and actresses have already received and accepted offers for future projects.

Jeon Mi-do has been confirmed to star in the upcoming JTBC drama ‘Thirty Nine’. Yoo Yeon-Seok has accepted a role in ‘Suriname’. Jo Jung-Suk will feature in ‘Land of Happiness’.

However, this means that scheduling a timeline for season 3 will be extremely problematic for the Hospital Playlist production team.

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