Johnny Depp can be considered as one of the greatest actors of the 90s with phenomenal roles in movies like: “What’s eating Gilbert Grape” and “Dead Men”. Not to mention the most typifying character he has perhaps ever played- Jack Sparrow from the Pirates of the Caribbean. Depp has always been wrought in controversy and after his not so recent divorce with megastar ex-wife Amber Heard, we can convincingly say that his appearances would suggest a downward spiral.

The Illness and beyond…


However, fact couldn’t be closer to fiction as it is revealed that his febrile figure is actually the result of the preparation for a role. Johnny Depp, was in fact pulling a Christian Bale. The movie in question with the unappealing transformation is “Richard Says Goodbye”, in which, the actor plays the role of a professor with the life-threatening illness of cancer who prepares to set his affairs straight and teaches his final class with an unusual method.

Perhaps, to replicate the seemingly mental stress of a person slowly dying of a fatal disease, Depp committed himself to do what he does best and applied his own vision to his reel self.

There have been snippets and not-so-concise sources of information that have revealed or claimed to reveal the ‘reality’ behind the superstar’s lifestyle. From records of drug and alcohol abuse to fans arguing that pictures online have been deceptive; the discussion around the personal life of Johnny Depp and its impact on his professional and celebrated life raises eyebrows and creates ample curiosity in people trying to find out the truth behind Johnny Depp’s obvious physical decline.

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Johnny Depp: The Ugly Truth

DailyMail reports that Depp has been “a movie hero in free-fall” and his recent appearances are the result of heavy drug use and increasingly suffering mental health characterized by “self-pity and rage”. Furthermore, Now To Love reports that Depp’s friends are concerned over the dwindling persona of the star and are worried that years of drug and liquor abuse has caused his liver to give in.

An insider talking to Globe magazine described him as ‘Walking Death’. However, there have also been reports of Depp being put in a vulnerable position by not only his wife who is alleged to have blackmailed him in a legal fiasco but also with the death of his mother.

Betty Sue Palmer, according to the Boston Globe passed away on May 29, 2016. Due to the demise, combined with his heavily publicized divorce has led to an obvious deterioration of Johnny Depp’s mental and physical health.

However, there do appear to be some fans who would argue against the claims of Depp suffering from any ailments . Since he was touring with his famous celebrity band, The Hollywood Vampires, people witnessed Depp performing live on stage and meeting him in fan interactions of various kinds.


Johnny Depp: Family troubles

Depp’s family, i.e. his daughter, Lily Rose Depp and ex-wife Vanessa Paradis have sided with the actor during the legal battle with Amber Heard. With nothing but positive to say, Lily Depp reinforced the press with a conducive image for her father by saying that he is,  ”the sweetest most loving person I know.” on Instagram. Vanessa Paradis had this to say on domestic violence allegations against her ex-husband, “…This looks nothing like the man I lived with for 14 wonderful years,” .

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Money not managed and a career damaged

Rolling Stone writer Stephen Rodrick wrote a 10,000 word article after spending a few days with Depp in which he discovered the financial failure that he claims has arisen from his management and how he intends to sue the company responsible and reclaim an amount of 25 million dollars from the original 650 million that he made through acting. It seems that Depp’s personal life has taken a turn for the worse and most of it seems to be out for the public to witness.


The reason behind his invitation for Stephen Rodrick was to let loose all his thoughts on financial matters and also on the ‘betrayal’ by his management. The 21 Jump Street actor however, was subjected to re-taste another bitter betrayal by the Rolling Stone writer when decided to write the piece in question which consists of blatant and seemingly honest criticisms of Depp’s lifestyle and reason for decline.

Johnny Depp’s track record consists of very high highs like being the highest paid actor in 2012 to very low lows, not unlike the legal battle with now ex-wife Amber Heard. The reason for such a polarizing and propitious personality to desiccate into an infirm, probably bankrupt former superstar can be many.

Considering the fact that Depp was actually writing a memoir on vodka fueled breakfasts’ while touring with The Hollywood Vampires according to the DailyMail suggests that the actor has a lot to say about his life and is trying to find a medium through which to express it. What remains to be seen is how does his personal narrative contrast or resemble the ‘reality’ media is portraying on screen.

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What we actually need to remember.

Controversy aside, it is important to remember the true purpose of movie stars, i.e. their acting, which can always be a topic up for debate. Although Depp has had his fair share of flops and critically calumniated films, he has largely worked in diverse roles exhibiting his true talent accompanied with his God-gifted looks into creating one of the most memorable cinematic careers in recent history.

So, if one were to criticize Depp’s recent declivity, it is also important to account for the reason he is in a position to be jibed at. It is not just the film star, his illness and the accompanying depression that comes with fame but also an individual struggling with the affliction of being one.

To quote the man in question: “You can close your eyes to the things you don’t want to see, but you can’t close your heart to the things you don’t want to feel.”

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