Zack Snyder Top 5 movies: Watch This Weekend

Zack Snyder Top 5 movies is one of the most controversial filmmakers in the history of Hollywood. He has a tragic story in his life and his struggle to make his movies. We all know his fight with the Warner brothers in releasing his version of the Justice League. He has one of the most epic shots in his movies. His style of filmmaking as these original gory shots makes the scenes in his movies more realistic and epic to watch, His recent is Army of the Dead on Netflix. So, we are counting down his 5 movies from good to epic.

Zack Snyder top 5 movies: ARMY OF THE DEAD:

This is the most recent movie by Zack Snyder. I was waiting for this movie for a long time. And when it was released I hopped on my laptop and watched the whole movie. It’s a pure Zack Snyder movie. The movie has of course its flaws. It had a few bad cinematic choices too. But as Zack Snyder, he gives you a full-pack action zombie, which is not a stupid character in this movie. And of course, the twisted ending, which Zack is famous for.


Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice was released in 2016, It was the second movie in DCEU. It was supposed to be this epic movie, a dark take on the characters of DC. But it failed both on Box-Office and in the minds of critics. There was much criticism with this movie. But all the storyline and character aside. Batman V Superman is a typical Zack Snyder movie. You will have a cinematic experience.

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This movie is way more controversial than it should have been. When it came out it received a mix of criticism and praise. With songs that are out of context, critics had a major backlash on this movie. But Zack Snyder again presented you with a new narrative. With comic book narration running side by side in the storyline which Zack Snyder uses as a metaphor for the original story, it was a fresh thing to see on screen. This movie is gripping to its core with great action pieces and great sets with a twisted ending.


We all know his struggle with Warner Brothers in making his movie. He was side cast in his own movie as a director. He is and always will be the architect of DCEU. His movie Man of Steel kick-started the DCEU for Warner Brothers. But because of a tragedy, he was thrown out of his vision of the Justice League. But when he came back after a lot of struggle and his fans also helped him make his movie. He finally completed and released his version of Justice League which is 4 hours long epic movie. It was 4 hours of pure drama. And everyone loved it. It was a totally different movie than the original one with more shots and character development and subplots and a better villain, unlike the original one.


This movie is to date the best movie by Zack Snyder. He made this movie with a low budget and it turned out to be his best project. This movie has twists and turns in every scene which you do not see in other zombie movies. And the starting of the movie is another Zack Snyder old trick, a song track. This movie will make you grab your seats now and then. Hugely recommendable.

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