Dan Bongino’s YouTube Account Termination: Everything You Want to Know

Famous right-wing Fox News host, Dan Bongino has been banned from the video-sharing giant Youtube on January 20 after his comments on the legitimacy of masks against COVID. After his criticism on masks resulted in a preliminary ban, he tried to circumvent it by posting content on another channel resulting in a permanent ban. Since Youtube doesn’t allow the creator of a terminated channel to upload content from other channels, Bongino found himself permanently banned from the media platform.

Don Bongino permanent ban on Youtube

Youtube’s revised policy on pandemic-related content have turned out to be stricter than before with the progress of the disease worldwide. The ban on Bongino is a testament to the policing by YouTube on all misleading information related to COVID-19. Other conservatives too, have been banned from the website in relation to their comments on the effectiveness of vaccines in order to curb misinformation from spreading to the masses just as fast as the pandemic does.

According to Reuters, Bongino responded on Twitter by saying that he expected the ban and has since decided to upload content on another conservative website, Rumble, on which he has a significantly higher amount of followers. However, it can be universally agreed upon, that the termination of his YouTube channel with around 800,000 subscribers will be a huge blow.

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The talk show host now joins other prominent conservative voices like Joseph Mercola and Robert F. Kennedy Jr. in the list of banned creators. The latter two are banned on their opinions regarding the effectiveness of vaccines. It would also be imperative to point out certain things in context with this news:

Is the issue really just a matter of freedom of speech or is Youtube right in censoring creators that spread misinformation regarding COVID-19 protocols?

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