What is Crying Obsidian in Minecraft? How to Find and Craft Obsidian Uses and More

Crying Obsidian in Minecraft: A Mini Guide to know about the Crying Obsidian in Mine craft and how to make it , its uses in Mine craft and more that you need to know. Minecraft a 3D interesting sand game , ensuring freedom of player and forthcoming adventures ,came into market in 2009 which Was developed by Mojang studios , gained love over 146 million games actively played as of 2020.

CRYING OBSIDIAN IN MINECRAFT ? and WHERE TO FIND IT ? Can you actually craft it?

Previously it can not to crafted and now  FORTUNATELY ,it can by using ” LAPIS LAZULI”   A purple block looks similarly like crying , it is used to create respawn Anchor ,coming in 1.6 snapshots . This is one way to find obsidian There are ruined portals found in overworld and there you can obtain the naturally made crying obsidian .

Another way to find the Crying Obsidian is exactly at the “Ruined Portal” you need to find it, actually easily available at the Ruined structure. There’s a final way to find it at ” Bastion remnant “structure , Crying Obsidian randomly found in the treasure chest , is available in Bastion remnant . Bastion remnant is found neither portal in the, Crimson forest  , composed of bridges , HOGLIN stables , housing unit and treasure chamber .


Through the mining  it can be crafted by LAPIS LAZULI ore , spawn near diamond ore mineral used for enchanting , obsidian covered with lapis LAZUI would be crafted as such.

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One basic use of this weeping like structure Crying Obsidian is to decorate and create portal into THE NETHER, also a eye pleasing vision of the portal. This new block , as we all familiar with it and used to create respawn point , it emits the purple particles by this it shines and bright the portal.

the bench is made with the combination of the Crying Obsidian and Glow Stone , now to create the respawn , the six  Crying Obsidian must combine with 3 glow stones.

Awards and Honors 

Obsidian in Minecraft was the nominee for best multiple , for the console editions , won  the “British Academy Games Award for Best Game ” from 2013 to 2016 , GAME CHOICE DEVELOPERS award in 2011 for best debut game developed by Markus PERSSON.

Crying Obsidian in Minecraft

the fans were upset for the disappearance  of crying obsidian and Bardon PEARCE game developer of MOJANG STUDIO leaked the information as the Crying Obsidian added again to crack obsidian for ruined nether portals .

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