Blue Period Episode 10: Release Date and Watch Online

Blue Period Episode 10 is going to release on November 26, 2021. Fans are excitedly waiting for the new episodes to release soon.

Blue Period is a coming-of-age-based genre series that originated in Japan. After the popularity of the manga series, it was decided that the Blue Period deserved an anime adaptation. Tsubasa Yamaguchi is the creator of the Blue Period.

Koji Masunari and Katsuya Asano are the directors of the anime adaptation. Till now, 9 episodes have been released weekly from October 2, 2021, and new episodes will release soon.

Everything you need to know

The Blue Period revolves around a young student named Yatora Yaguchi. The series portrays his struggle in finding out his talents and pursuing a career in the same. Yatora has always been a good student who was appreciated by parents as well as teachers.

He was everyone’s favorite but no matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t find the happiness within himself. The void always remained inside him even after doing everything right.

This was when he realized, he doesn’t want to follow society’s norms and wants to do something different. He finds his passion for the arts. He decided to learn arts during the summer break and while he was doing that he knew his future was right in front of him.

He tried to convince his parents in letting him pursue arts as a career. The series deals with his journey, his stress in coping up with exams, and his struggles.

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Blue Period Episode 10

Blue Period Episode 10 Release Date

It is going to release on November 26, 2021. Fans are eagerly waiting for new episodes. We all are excited to witness what will happen more in this anime. The struggles faced by Yatora can be found relatable by today’s youth. There are just 2 more days left for this amazing series to hit streaming platforms.

Where to watch?

It is available for streaming on Netflix worldwide.

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