Dr. Brain Season 1 Episode 3: Release Date, Plot and Watch Online

Dr. Brain is a Korean thriller series that premiered in November 2021. Dr. Brain Season 1 Episode 3 will be released on November 18, 2021.

The show is based on the webtoon, ‘Dr. Brain’ by Hongjacga. This is an Apple Tv original series directed by Kim Jee Woo. Kim Jin A and Koh Young Jae along with Kim Jee Woo have written the story. The main cast consists of Lee Sun Kyun, Park Hee Soon, and Seo Hi-Hye. Lee Sun Kyun is popularly known for his part in ‘Parasite’.

The plot of Dr. Brain

The series explores the depths of human psychology and what technology could achieve. Go Sewon is diagnosed with Autism when he’s a child. His mother raises him with much difficulty since it is financially and emotionally heavy on her.

Sewon’s first tragedy is when he witnesses his mother’s death in front of his eyes. Growing up, he remains anti-social but he succeeds in becoming a great scientist. He marries Jung Jaeyi and they have a son Doyon. Unfortunately, Doyon dies in a fire accident and Jaeyi goes into a coma from that shock. Sewon goes into studying Brainwave Synchronisation which allows him to gain access to a person’s memories.

At first, he believes that it works only with one living and one dead being. But it also seems possible when a person is in the comatose stage. He goes on to experiment with himself and his wife, who’s in a coma. When he gains some of her memories, he finds out that his son might be alive. Also, it’s revealed that Jaeyi was having an affair with Junki.

Dr. Brain Episode 3: Release Date

The show premiered on November 4 and it has a total of six episodes. They are uploaded on Thursdays. Episode 3 is scheduled to release on November 18, 2021.

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Dr. Brain Season 1 Episode 3

Watch Online

The series is officially available to watch on Apple TV+

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