Welven Da Great Dead Rumors Spreading

Welven Da Great known as Welven Harris had several rumors concerning a story published in Daily Media Buzz.

Which stated that he has been arrested for assault by the North Hollywood Police Department. Welven Harris Instagram account links to a site,represent.com/welvendagreat, reporting that he is available for booking. Wolven’s fame continues to spread like ablaze.

Since his rise to fame, Welven Da Great,i.e, the Deez Nuts guy, has been the victim of numerous death rumors, all of which have been proved to be false. Rumors of Welven’s death (In July) started to gain traction again after aficionados paid tribute to him online.

The rumor was later debunked after a lover of his chimed in to mention he would speak to Welven the former day. Rumors also circulated many times ago after an obituary was posted on Dead Death, which led numerous to partake and post on social media.

The most recent rumors about the death of “Deez Nuts joe” are said to have first started on YouTube after many vids on the platform claimed the internet star had been planting dead after getting homeless. Still, Welven Da Great has since appeared during a videotape on Twitter assuring fans that he is” alive and ok”, despite the rumors.


What is Welven Da Great Doing Now?

A while ago Welven Da Great, the real name Welvin Harris, was one of the biggest social media stars in the world. Now News has learned Welvin’s fame is gone, and so is his capitalist. And now people are saying that Welven Harris is homeless.

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Welvin was an Instagram star who rose to elevation for his “ Deez Nuts” comedy vids. Welvin had more than followers on Instagram and got paid thousands to appear at parties. But social media money can dry up quickly– and that’s what happens to Welven.

Welven Da Great

Yesterday a Los Angeles man spotted Welvin at a shelter station in Los Angeles. It was the station closest to descend row, the largest homeless levee in America and arguably the western world.

As soon as the videotape was released, people straightway began assuming that Welvin is homeless. News has not been suitable to singly confirm whether or not the former IG star is homeless, but doesn’t appear to be doing well at all.

Family’s Reaction on His Death Hoax?

As per sources, he was brought up by his aunt along with his relatives whose self-identities are unknown in the media. Also, his parent’s details, academic background, are under the curtain at the moment.

Rumors of Welven’s death return in July after fans paid tribute to him on social media. After a friend of his said he’d talked to Welven the day ahead, the gossip was speedily debunked.
In addition, rumors began to spread many times ago after an obituary was published on Dead Death, encouraging several people to participate and modernize it on social media.

Also, the most recent rumors about “ Deez Nuts guy’s” death are said to have begun on YouTube after several vids on the place suggested the internet celebrity had been discovered dead after turning homeless.

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Despite the rumors, Welven Da Great has since appeared in a videotape on Twitter assuring fans that he’s “ alive and well.”

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