Top 5 Facts About David Rubulotta, Erin Burnett Husband and Interesting Trivia

David Rubulotta is one of the most seasoned Stock Analysts in America. He is working as a Managing Director for Citibank in the United States of America.

He is the husband of CNN News Anchor Erin Burnett. As of 2020, Rubulotta is 47 years old. He was born in the year 1973. He is 5 feet 10 inches and has brown eyes and brown hair color.

About David Rubulotta

  1. Top 5 facts about David Rubulotta
  • Managing Director at Citibank
  • Erin Burnett and David Rubulotta met on a blind date
  • They got engaged when Erin got a show on CNN
  • They were married at City Hall
  • David Rubulotta and Erin Burnett children
  1. David Rubulotta Net Worth
  2. David Rubulotta Parents
  3. David Rubolotta Career

Managing Director at Citibank

David Rubulotta is the managing director at Citibank. He had previously worked for Lehman Brothers. He earns a degree in MBA from Colombia and is graduated from Villanova.

Erin Burnett and David Rubulotta met on a blind date

The couple met on a blind date in the year 2004. Burnett on an interview with People Magazine, said when she first saw Rubulotta walk into the restaurant for the date, she said to herself, ‘I hope that’s him.

When they first met, Burnett was working as a stock’s editor for Bloomberg. This was her first job in the field of journalism. Previously she had worked for Goldman Sachs as a financial analyst. She was also the Vice President of Citi Media.

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David Rubulotta

They got engaged while Erin got a show on CNN

David Rubulotta and Erin Burnett got engaged shortly after Erin was promoting her new show on CNN. The New York Post reported that the couple was engaged in September 2011. Burnett was shown with her wedding ring at a launch party of the show at the Museum of Arts and Design in New York. One of their mutual friend named Nicola Lokka has set up a blind date for the two in 2002.

Rubulotta proposed Burnett in August 2011.

They were married at City Hall

They did not have a large wedding ceremony. They got married at City Hall by a justice of the peace. However, they had a large reception party at Atlantic Grill in New York City. David and Erin got married on December 12, 2012.

David Rubulotta

David Rubulotta and Erin Burnett children

Erin Rubulotta and Erin Burnett have 2 children together. Their first child is a boy named Nyle Thomas Burnett Rubulotta who was born in 2013 and has a girl child named Colby Isabelle who was born in 2015.

David Rubulotta

David Rubulotta Net Worth

David Rubulotta’s net worth is significantly high as he has a high-ranking job at Citigroup. Citigroup is one of America’s largest financial services companies. He has never revealed his salary and neither his net worth. Therefore, there is no specific amount. David’s net worth is estimated to be around $16 million. He earns a high yearly salary as a managing director of Citibank which is estimated to be $250,000.

David Rubulotta Parents

He comes from a family of business owners from Pennsylvania. His parents’ surname is still unknown. As he grew older, he started his job and other life events were exposed.

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David Rubolotta Career

David went to Villanova University to pursue his dream of being a successful businessman. He has finished his bachelor’s degree in Marketing and Advertising. Further, he went to Columbia University, where he has earned a degree in business administration in 1998.

David started his career as a line broker at Lehman Brothers. David has worked hard for the place he is owning now. He has created a great career and earned a high paid salary.

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