Top 6 Unknown Facts About Catherine Mooty, Troy Aikman’s Wife

Catherine Capa Mooty is the wife of Troy Aikman who’s a former American National Football player. She came to the public light after marrying Troy.

Troy used to play in the National Football League. Now he’s working in the Fox TV Network as a sports host. Reportedly, they started dating in February 2016. They met through the ex-husband of Catherine. After one year of dating, they got engaged on June 3, 2017. Now they’re a happily married couple.

Both of them previously had spouses, and after their divorces, they remained as single parents until their second marriage to each other. Here are six interesting facts about Capa Mooty.

Capa Mooty’s Previous Marriage

Catherine Mooty or now called Capa Aikman is the wife of Troy Aikman. When Troy met Capa, she was a single mom. Capa had married Jerry Mooty, the nephew of Dallas Cowboys’ owner. Jerry is a lawyer and the couple was married from 2000 to 2011. They have two sons together. Their reason for divorce wasn’t revealed but they officially separated ways in 2013. Then after a few years, Capa met Troy through Jerry.

Wedding of Troy and Catherine Capa Mooty

Capa had divorced her husband Jerry Mooty in 2013 and since then she had been a single mother. Troy previously married to Rhonda Worthey on April 8, 2000 and they have two daughters together. Their ten years of marriage came to an end when Troy and Rhonda divorced on 2011. For five years Troy remained single until Catherine entered his life. They came to meet each other through Capa’s ex-husband. Once they fell in love with each other and they got engaged on June 2, 2017 at Lake Como, Italy.  Soon they decided to tie the know within a year of dating and three months after their engagement. Now they are raising two beautiful daughters and two sons. All four children study in the same school in Texas.

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Catherine Capa Mooty Age and Biography

She was born on 13th October 1970. She’s currently 51 years old. Her birth name is Catherine Cecile Person and her star sign is Libra. She grew up in Dallas, Texas in the United States of America. There isn’t much information available on her parents or siblings.

Catherine Capa Mooty

About Catherine’s business 

Catherine is a fashion enthusiast and icon. She runs her boutique named Luxeliner. She’s a co-founder of the brand along with four of her friends. The four women are Wendy Poston, Jennifer Clark, Charlotte Jones Anderso, and Alyson Griffith. Charlotte Jones is Capa’s ex husband’s cousin and the daughter of Jerry Jones, owner of the Dallas Cowboys.

The popular mobile store was launched in 2012 in Dallas. Her shop has varieties of clothing accessories, gifts, and similar products. Capa created a brand that reflects her personality and interests. She’s passionate about fashion and she loves to try on new trends. She’s well settled in her business and her estimated net worth is $3 million.

Catherine Capa Mooty Social Life

Capa isn’t very public about her personal matters and she isn’t an active social media user. She has an Instagram and a Twitter account where she shares some of her family’s sweet moments with her followers. She has about 2.8K followers on Insta and nearly 1k on her Twitter account.

Family #Teamsix

Troy and Capa now have a family consisting of six members. Troy likes to refer to them together as #teamsix. The children were very understanding and welcoming of the idea of a new family. The six of them have now developed a strong bond.

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Capa focuses a lot on her family and their well-being. Despite their busy schedules, Capa makes sure that they all get to spend time together. She’s fond of her two sons and now she cares for Troy’s daughters with the same love.

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