Kings Affection Episode 6: Release Date and Watch Online

Kings Affection Episode 6 is expected to release on October 26, 2021. You can watch all episodes of Kings Affection on Netflix and DramaCool.

About Kings Affection

Kings Affection is a very popular romantic drama series that originated in South Korea. Han Hee-Jung and Song Hyun-wook are the writers and directors of Kings Affection. The series first aired on KBS2 on October 11, 2021, and new episodes air every Monday and Tuesday.

Kings Affection Episode 6

During the Joseon Dynasty, twins were considered an ominous sign. When the Crown Prince’s wife gave birth to two beautiful twins, there was chaos all around the Kingdom and it was decided that the twin girl should be killed. But her mother didn’t agree to that so she planned on sending her far away from the Kingdom.

After a few years, the twin son of the queen, Lee Hwi, dies. To hide this tragic news the mother brings back her daughter and raises her as Lee Hwi. But it wasn’t easy for the twin daughter as she started to feel for Jung Ji-Un, her teacher, who has no idea about her real identity. It remains to be seen what twists and turns take place as the story progresses.

Kings Affection Episode 6: Release Date

This series has gained a lot of popularity recently and the fans are curiously waiting for the release of the next episode. Well, the wait is almost over as it is expected to be released on 26 October 2021. It is a must-read manga for all the romance lovers out there. The genre of the series is Historical, romance and fiction.

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Kings Affection Episode 6

Where to Watch?

You can watch all episodes of Kings Affection on Netflix and DramaCool.

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