Max Level Hero Has Returned Chapter 67: Release Date and Read Manga Online

The Max Level Hero has returned chapter 67 Will release on October 26, 2021, at midnight Korean Standard Time. Fans are excited.

The Max Level Hero has returned Chapter 67 with its unique and narrative concept, this trendiest and one of the most interest-generating animated manga series wins a range of positive reviews and feedbacks from its fans and is therefore geared for new chapters to be published quickly.

The popularity of this manga is incredible and is mean reason behind the translation of the series to English. Many countries have already accepted the book, including the US, China, Japan.

Max Level Hero has Returned Plot

Davey Was the first ruler of a small province. Even as the realization of the status dawned on him, his pleasant and serene upbringing was broken. Davey’s life slips into a comatose, but his memory and his soul escape to a temple where is the source of all heroes gathered. Davey got training for a thousand years and now returned as a Max-level hero!


It begins its journey from Winley’s Kidnap with Davey Arriving at the scene and battling with the Knights. In the previous episode, Davey beat up the guys who wanted to punish and beat the lady Baron. But he soon Realises that Knights have kidnapped Winley. Davey continues to assassinate the Knights, but couldn’t find Winley.

Davey explains his technique of Air Burst and how his sword fly while killing the enemies but nights were not ready to accept that even when they were approaching death. Davey’s sword killed Knight in numbers with Dual Blade: Air Burst Sword technique.

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The Max Level Hero has returned chapter 67

Release Date of Max Level Hero has Returned Chapter 67

The new chapter of Max Level Hero has Returned will publish on 26 October 2021. The schedule has changed and now every Tuesday you will get to read new chapters.

Where to Read Manga Online?

Although it does not have an official website you can read it on different websites like manga freak, manga cultivator, etc.

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